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Anybody been to Taos lately?

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I'm presently considering a trip to Taos the first week in April and was wondering if anyone has been there lately, and if so, how are the snow conditions?

While my heart still belongs to Alta, as another "skiers" mountain I have always enjoyed Taos, excellent terrain and usually not too crowded. The food there (excellent southwest, and I like chilis in almost everything) is also a draw. But at this time of year, the snow in New Mexico can be touch and go, and after a somewhat disappointing experience at Vail last weekend you always want to be sure.

I noticed that Taos has just lengthend its season by a week thanks to the supposed good snow this year (they are reporting a 99-111" base midmountain), and was hoping that some Bear had recent first hand experience to confirm conditions.


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Skied Taos on Sunday. They have great coverage, but it got warm and then cold, and pretty much the entire mountain melted and refroze. They had some nasty hard bumps with frozen doorknobs on them. Fortunately, they just got 17" in the last two days, so the place is rock'n again. It is high enough that, even if it gets warm and refreezes, you should still be able to find some wintery snow if you climb the Ridge and stay in the shade.

That extra week they are staying open you are most likely looking at great sping conditions with slush bumps. Plus no snowboarders, so the bumps are big and round. There is plenty of snow, so it should withstand warm weather until you get there. With El Nino in effect, New Mex has been getting all the storms this year.
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Anybody been there since they got all the fresh this weekend?
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