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Used Atomic 10.20 What are they worth?

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Last years, good shape, 190, Ess bindings.
Anyone know what they are worth? :
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As far as i know the Atomic 10.20's are a great value. The Ess V.A.R. bindings are good for a boat anchor or at least a drag anchor. Re: They are out of business even though many people did buy them only a few years ago. Therefore - no warrantee, and they aren't on any indemnified list. i understand they are like a chineese puzzle trying to get them off the skis. i tried once and couldn't figure it out. And I'm usually pretty good with mechanical things. I asked some other techs in the area and they laughed and said, "Good luck!"
But nothing wrong with the Atomics. Good ski!
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Back in 2000, Atomic -- the longtime owner of ESS bindings -- renamed the brand Atomic (as they also did w/ their Koflach boots and Colt poles).
So any ESS-labeled binding is at least a couple years old, but still indemnified: http://www.techsupportforskiers.com/...dem.htm#atomic
The macro adjustment for different boot sizes (which would also be required to remove the binding, along with unscrewing it of course) takes a few minutes, but is otherwise quite easy, and requires only a flathead screwdriver.
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Hmmm! Interesting. I can't find ESS V.A.R. anywhere on my binding list. The Atomic bindings I have in the shop are very different than the ESS V.A.R. I'll try that site you posted.
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Just went to that site. Is ESS the Same as ESS V.A.R.? Maybe it's a specific model I saw in the shop. I'll check this out further.
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"ESS" was the name of the brand. "V.A.R." was an acronym for their variable positioning feature, now called Variozone.

Of the bindings listed on the indemnification list:
"Sport 4.12 / 4.12 TR or CXB / 2.9 / 2.9 TR or CXB" ... was some low-end version if I remember correctly.
"EM [standing for ESSMatic, or something like that] 310 / 310 P / 412 / 412 P / 614 / 614 P" ... had the variable positioning plus a more sophisticated toe unit w/ upward release (similar to today's Atomic bindings), but the heel units had a tendency to stop working properly.
"ESStatix 2.9 / 4.12" ... was another low-end version.
"ESS 310 FB / 309 / 512 / 614 / 614 P" ... was the standard version w/ the variable positioning.
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ESS is the brand name, V.A.R. is the technology name, same as Salomon Prolink, etc. So yes ESS is the same as ESS VAR. Take a close look at Atomic Xentrix like the 412 and an ESS VAR, mechanically they are nearly identical. Also the ESS bindings fit on the brand new Atomic mounting plates FWIW.

Cheers, Jeff
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To give you an idea on price. I bought my girlfriend, brand new, last years 10.20 170's for $350.00. On ebay, last years, new still in wrapper 10.20s in 170 and 190 are going between 325 and 350, and 180s between 350- 400. That was mid season, now maybe less.
For used ones in good shape ( how many days ? ) let's say 30 or so ??? in 190cm, I'd say $250.00 for ski. If the bindings where atomics, and not ESS ( I know, atomic owned ESS, still it's a mental thing ) and they were last years also, I'd say add $100 for bindings. Since they are not last years atomic bindings, I'd say add $30.00. So some where between $275 - $300 for ski with binding. If this sounds low to you, also consider this - At the local on mountain ski shop, at the begining of the season, there was a pair of last years 10.20s with atomic 614 race bindings on, in good shape but used, going for $299.00. I almost bought them just because the bindings were worth almost that and the ski had to at least have 2/3s a life left on it. But I thought I'd get my girlfriend new skis instead
hope this helps
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So Atomic bought ESS a few years ago? I have scads of Atomic bindings in the shop, but none look like the ESS models. It's probably only what our store ordered. These are red. I can't recall right now the models. there are about 3 or 4 levels at different prices. Most, if not all, are the movable type with 3 settings- turns, normal, speed. Kind of like that. I wonder if I can scare up that old work order and let you know the model of ESS this guy had on his skis. He wanted them transfered to a new ski. his old ski was a Volant which had split the top metal sheet right in the middle of the boot area! Never have seen that before. I was surprised.
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Yup, actually Atomic has owned Ess I believe since 90-92 time frame, but kept on their brand until recently. They even put their own name on Ess product towards the end of the life cylce, with Ess and Atomic having identical bindings. The current Atomic Xentrix line is based on the Ess technology. It is not exactly the same, the Ess had 7 fore/aft positions and the new atomics I believe have 4 in total, 2 forward, 1 centred, 1 back of centre. Cosmetically they are different using different housings, and have a different actuator for sliding the binding fore aft, as well as different risers, etc. But mechanically they are the same. Also they share the mounting hole template/location.

Hope this helps anyone who is considering Ess bindings on older skis. Ive skied on all the different brands, and like certain models of certain brands better than others; But after using Ess bindings for 10+ years each pair has served me well.

Cheers, Jeff [img]smile.gif[/img]
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