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Trip Report: JACKSON HOLE --- last week.

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Well, figured I would drop in with my little adventure last week. As most peeps know, snow was bare as hell. Never in my life have I seen a mountain so bare before....well...Aspen Mountain 3 years ago in the first week in April was about just as bad. But we definitely made the most of it.

Me and my buddy from school stayed at the Hostel X, of which I HIGHLY recommend. Definitely a skier's place....mad chill peeps inside and great staff in Donna, Mike, Rob, Chris, Tom, and everyone else there. Even with quite a mishap the last nite, they were still cool with us (e.g. my friend got a little too rowdy, lost the key somewhere, and decided to jump thru the window to get in our room). I wouldn't recommend that strategy in the future.

So what did we do?

Flew in Sunday, got my free ticket, and was on the slopes by 3 PM. Took the gondi up and skied mostly groomers. Next time up we ventured into Laramie. Then up Sublette and took a nice run down.

On our first full day, the morning consisted of skiing mostly around Sublette, Thunder, and the Gondola. A few runs we made our way where it looked like there were a lot of rocks, trees, and no crowds....and that worked out pretty well for us. Snow was kinda heavy, but we managed. In the afternoon, we skied middle Sublette ridge or something like that. Didn't see nor hear a damn soul the whole way down.

The next day we took an easy run to warmup then hiked up the Headwall via Tensleep and Cirque. We traversed just (skier's) left of Slot 9-8-7 (Crags). Again, snow was heavy, but not terribly skied on. The hike is great, the traverse sucks ass....especially on the last day.

The rest of the day we skied mostly off-piste stuff. I'm not a big groomer guy, plus it was getting kinda spring condition-like in the afternoon, so we stayed away from the crowds and whereve no one else was. I think we skiied the Hobacks that afternoon....that or underneath Sublette....don't really remember.

Third day, same stuff....by the end of this day, we pretty much skied everything there was....as far as non-BC stuff is concerned. Hiked up the headwall again and skied down just above where the gondi drops skiers off. A very short run and not really worth the hike up. We learned our lesson, and knew what to do the last day. Oh yeah, we skiied under Corbets and the chutes below....downhill, expert, etc etc.

Fourth day, we didn't do much. We went to the Moose that nite and got a little too banged up. Actually, that's probably an understatement being that I def blacked out at some point and am still finding out details. But all and all, a good time out. As for the skiing, we took it kinda easy. Instead of ripping Laramie top to bottom, it must've taken us a good 10 minutes with at least 8 stops on the way down.

The last day, we ripped it up proper. Took one warmup run and hiked up the headwall. This time we traversed all the way across to Sheridan Bowl like a local told us. And man did he serve us right since over there was the most untouched snow anywhere on the mountain that was non-BC. Prolly took us 15-20 minutes to reach over there and it was worth it. The run started nice and open with room for 5 or 6 huge turns thru the "powder" and then we made our way thru the trees. Kept the speed high and just shredded down. Wish we did that the previous 2 times we hiked up. After lunch, we spent the rest of the day in the terrain park being that there really wasn't anything else to ski.

As for food, my recommendations:
Nachos at the Moose
Veggie Burgers at the Village Cafe
Breakfast sandwiches underneath the moose
Artichoke appetizer at the Alpenhoff
Burritos at Picas in town (across from Albertsons)

Definitely looking forward to skiing this mountain a 4th time with a crapload more snow.
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Glad you found some "mad chill peeps"
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Silly me, I always thought ingress was by way of a door!:
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Did just about the same three weeks ago. For coming from the east..it was a little dissapointing snow-wise, however we made the best of it much like you did. We partied till 3 everynight, and made it out there by 10 every day..just in time for stuff to soften up, and generally skied the left side of the hill on all the north facing slopes till 4 every day. Right on about the nachos at the Moose, but how bout that tenderloin burger @ Stieglers!

Would really like to ski some of those lines with some snow.

Jackson's the shit, and we'll most definatley be back....maybee permanently.
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Some pics from the trip:

Hiking up the Headwall with Corbet's in the background.

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the JH conditions sound about the same for the first week of Feb 5 -12. It still beat working in the office. Nice Pics. Next time for eats try Teton Steak House and Bubbas BBQ. Both are in Jackson.

Bubbas is cool because you bring your own beer in there. Note Wyoming state law says you can bring the beer in but you can't bring it out. So you either stay and drink all the beer you brought into Bubbas or you share your beer with other tables. If you don't like sharing you could hide your beer in the snow outside and keep making trips in with more beer. If you spot somebody tryin to leave Bubbas with beer in hand you stop them and tell them it against the law for them to leave with the beer. Since you just saved them from dong jail time they may be nice enough to let you have their beer.

Teton steakhouse has a nice diners and big salad/soup bar for a good price.

Also you can't leave Jackson without having a burger in the place just to the right of Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.
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We stayed in Teton Village the whole time. My friend that I was with is a vegetarian so it was hard to persuade him to come to town for a night and hit up Bubbas. :

I heard there is a place called Billy's [: ] that has some fine burgers as well. I think it's either 2-for-1 or $2 each during happy hour. Not too sure about it tho.
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Looks awesome man. I will be hitting up Stowe in VT this weekend. Maybe i'll have some pics for you.
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"Mad chill peeps."

Good grief.
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Obviously you've never ripped it up proper with a group of mad chill peeps.

For instructions on how to accomplish this feat, may I suggest you do a seach HERE

I'm sure you will be able to find some interesting shizzle.

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When posting on Epicsky please change a phrase like "mad chill peeps" to "group of relaxed gentlemen" or you may confuse people. Also "shreddin the gnar" should be rephrased to "cruising gentle groomers on our Volkl 5 Stars".
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1- excuse my language, for I am of 24 years of age and wish to present myself in such an ordinary and non-unique fashion. I'll keep that in mind for future posts about similar subjects as this enthralling trip I took to the 44th state of our lovely United States of America.

2- Volkls?!? What the hell are those? I try not to ski on Beetles or Jettas as much as possible. Passats maybe, Beetles....definitely a negative on that one.

Any other inquiries that are of such high interest of any of your relaxed gentlemen? : :
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I say keep it jersey style and ditch that sophisticated talk......from one jersey rat to another....

in other news, are you by any chance at NJDS???i'm at that campus too.......
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I was joking in my post.
Have no fear...it shall remain snoogen style at all times.

yeah, I'm at NJDS...class of 2008 dental student.
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I really like the pic with Rendezvous pk in the background. Nice view of both Corbet's and S&M. Nice report.

The hamburger place to the right of Cowboy is Billy's Burgers....$2 sounds like a killer deal, too good to be true....first place I had waffle fries. Grease is goood. The burger is a whopper on steriods with good ingredients and it's so juicy that you can rarely eat all before the bun fails.

Milkshakes a stones throw away at the Jackson Drug are incredible. The super premium ice cream is made in the basement.

Sunday night's at the bar in Wilson is a once in a lifetime experience. If you want to leave WyoDisney and sample some real western laid back partying and dinner check out Horse Creek Station 10 miles south of Jackson(the town. If it's the summer right next door is the Teton Mystery....lol.
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