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Can I put AT bindings on my old Volkl Vertigos? I mean, I know I CAN, but does this make any sense? I don't really want to spend for the whole AT setup at this point; it seems that boots and bindings would be my first purchase if I could reasonably use old skis for a while.
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I don't know for sure, but I imagine if they are not the ones with the motion mounting plate that it should be no problem. BTW, if you are looking for AT boots, I just picked up a pair of Lowa Strukturas from for only $179.00 (reg. $400). They also have some at Wilderness Exchange (corner of Platte and 15th) for about $200. I'm thinking about the AT backcountry thing, too.
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Thanks for the info. I was actually looking at those Lowas online -- I have some Lowa hiking boots that I LOVE.
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Nothing wrong with putting A/T bindings on alpine skis, but keep in mind that if you buy climbing skins and cut them to fit the Volkls, they may not work well with your next set of A/T skis. The Vertigos have a narrow waist compared to what you will probably want for your next pair of A/T skis.
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I tour with 2 different people who have AT gear on Volkl Explosives... they love em for touring. Go for it.
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