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The Bode Diaries

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Denver Post

Timing right for me to start rival ski tour
By Bode Miller

Wednesday, March 16, 2005 -

Bode Miller, who won the World Cup skiing overall title last weekend, reported weekly from the tour for The Denver Post. This is his final installment of the season.

We are considering a few things for next year, and one option is starting an alternative tour. There is nothing concrete yet. We have meetings planned in the spring, and we have had pretty interesting and thought-provoking meetings with a lot of people who are really interested.

I think it is something that needs to be done. I know it will happen. It's just a matter of who is going to be pushing it. I think if there is a time for it to happen and a person to make it happen, it is probably now and me.

For people who have been involved in the sport a long time, it's intoxicating to have a really good conversation about starting from scratch and being able to fix all the things that are screwed up about our current situation. The more I have conversations with people, the more excited I get.

I have no really strong attachment to my current situation, except that I enjoy it. I think if I can race in another venue or a different situation, I'd probably enjoy it just as much. Probably more, because I would feel like I was having more of an impact and more of a positive vibe around me.

I think right now the fact that FIS (International Ski Federation) is the only avenue to success in skiing makes things stagnant. If any of these options that I am sort of pursuing and pushing a little bit start to materialize, then I am not determined to come back and race next year. I still enjoy the sport, and there is a lot left for me to do, but at the same time I would be really interested and psyched to explore other options.

Some of it depends on what kind of TV options pop up, and it's also going to depend on which athletes are willing to commit.

I have talked to a bunch of other racers, and a lot of them are really psyched about it. I think they feel the same way as me, that the FIS abuses its position. If you're not buying into the whole FIS program, then you just don't ski race.

The way ski racing is now is not anyone's fault. That's just what happens when there is no competition. In any business model, if you are the only one in the whole category or the whole class, you just don't make progress. Nothing happens, nothing changes, because there is no reason to evolve. Especially when there is no athlete union, the athletes have no ability to push things forward at all. The athletes just kind of cycle in and out. They're done by the time anything would change, anyway.
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Thanks Ryan. That's interesting. I've heard people here alluding to this, but didn't know what it was about. I wonder if it would be similar to the Pro Tour on an international basis.

Also, I found the last paragraph interesting because if you replace "ski racing" with "ski teaching", and "athelete" with "instructor", it makes for an all too familiar statement.
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I have the impression that the "Anti-WC" is nothing but pressure exerted on FIS where the well-known tension between FIS and OESV (Austrian Ski Federation) might play a substantial role.

What Bode says for the media is hardly relevant. The background is.

I can´t imagine a new, non-FIS curcuit in 2005/2006 (the Olympics!) and 2006/2007 and I can hardly imagine it later.
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I aggree to checkracer, Mabe Tanner Hall would be included in the new series
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first he has to show d-rahlves how "cake" a DH course really is.
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I really admire Miller. The direction he's heading is not where his big payday lies. He's motivated by things much more complex than glass globes and sponsor dollars. I think he's tilting at windmills but more power to him. He's right that he's in the best position to do this righ now that a skier can be in. If it's just leveraging his position to influence the FIS, then that's ok too. I don't think it is. I think he's a sincere individual, right or wrong.
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You don´t think there´s the sincere revolutionist Bode going against the powerfull FIS-industrial complex, do you?

He might be the spokesperson, the symbol, but his "project" would have to be backed up sufficiently by mighty people hidden in the background.

Otoh, there´s no doubt Mr. Sowles (his clever manager) knows what they are doing when acting the way Bode does.

Let´s hope that in case there really is a project and Bode involved he will be given a fair partnership.
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