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March Skiing

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I love skiing in March. It's my favorite month to ski, soft snow, long days, warm temps and discounted lift tickets. What's not to love?

I love skiing in March.
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Well, yesterday I experienced the worst conditions of the season. After a week of record setting warm temperatures, cold temperatures and a strong wind blew in causing wind holds on most lifts. I was skiing with AE and Mr Hazmat at Heavenly (BTW Mr. Hazmat lists Seven Springs as his home area). Nice clear sunny skies, and good company, but man, that groomed granules, ice and boilerplate made it tough to love March. We need more snow! As a general rule I enjoy March skiing, but sometimes it aint all its cracked up to be.
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There was a good bit of snow at the begining of March here. Even about a week or so ago. This week has been sunny though. I think it is in the 40's here. It is great when you don't have to wear 10lbs of clothes to ski. March skiing can be fun. You have to watch for the bald spots on the mtn. They have those marked though, so they aren't too much trouble. Also rates are cheaper during March if I am remembering correctly..
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