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Wrist brace / ski race

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Here 'goes... I broke my wrist 5 weeks ago (compound) and had my cast taken off yesterday. The wrist brace that I am now told to wear has metal bars on top and on the bottom of my wrist and forearm. The overall length is 10" and is quite bulky. It has 3 velcro straps on top and a strap that goes between my thumb and finger.

I have a race this weekend and am wondering if anyone has any wrist brace recommendations. I will be using some extra padding on the outside of my glove and feel pretty secure in not re-injuring the wrist. I have no idea how I am going to get a glove over the padding / suit / brace combo.

Anyone with a thin, adjustable, yet secure wrist brace recommendation? Thanks so very much!
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How did the race go? I would have kept the cast on for a few extra days, or stuck a new one on for the race. Yeah, I know, it's a little late for the advice.
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The race went great! I was scared and slow (2.5 seconds off of where I should have been). The best part was that my 5 year old took 3rd in the 6 and under division. Pride always wins over frustration. Time to get ready for next year!
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Been there done that too 5 yrs ago !! After getting the cast off a compound fracture i simply said to hell with that metal brace bit and bought a couple of really good velcro adjustable wrist braces and did that while still doing ROM therapy.

But then again -I'm crazy !! Didnt really think it was as bad as i later found out --- i skied for 6 hrs after i broke the damned wrist --after all it was a BLUEBIRD day and only a wimp would have quit @8:30 in the morning !!
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