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Hyperextension - Calf Pull - LCL

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Today I took a nasty spill at Loon on a bumpy icey run that I was bombing down. It's my own stupidity but anyway.

My right knee (two ACL surgeries already) got tweaked when my left ski got knocked off and I only had my right ski left. My leg jacked up and the ski released but my calf and LCL got massively stretched. Luckily my muscles all fired quick and it protected my ACL. I could ski down but it friggin hurt to make left turns.

My boot got jammed into my calf and the hyperextension pulled the muscle so it is very tight.

Luckily I was skiing with a Cannon patroller/chiropractor. He looked at my knee and leg and rubbed out the calf alittle and made sure my bones were still in place. He said my LCL got slightly strecthed but it felt good. I am icing and elevating so I am sure it will be OK.

Anybody ever tweak their calf muscle like this?
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'No, but I heard of a guy who broke his leg that way.. Glad you're gonna be okay. Bones do heal better than tendons. LewBob
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