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Lange 130 lf acting up

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last year I bought a pair of these boots on the cheap and had them formed for my foot (thermo liner) - no bootfitter, since I live in Quebec and had to have boots for the next morning for race day (my old boots were forgotten in the ski lodge and never resurfaced).

I experienced pain the first few days, like everyone experiences with new boots, but overall, they have served me well and have been an improvement over what I was using before (old, old Salomons). But, even then, I've noticed that my left shin was always a bit loose at the upper buckle, especially when flexed. Lately, it has gotten worse and I've noticed that when I buckle up, the upper portion of the liner rotates to the left. Right boot is perfect, always tight and snug. Also, when I'm skiing now, I always have to open up in the groin area in order to make this side be flat on the snow: this isn't such a big deal on race day, since I only have a few runs to make, but it is very strenuous when I freeski or train.

Will I need new boots, new liners or just a competent bootfitter? I've tried every buclking scheme known to man, the left liner just rotates everytime my feet is in the boot
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See a really good bootfitter. A fix is probable. Also have them check the alignment on both boots. good luck. LewBob
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Thanks, I guess I'll make a trip to the Austrain ski shop in Montreal this summer since there seems to be no bootfitter in Quebec city. Do you have any idea if they, or any good bootfitter, can still fit a boot properly if it has been skied on a lot (60+ days would be my guess) or will I need new boots?
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What about sport alpin at msa? Don't they have a fitter?
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Ah, maybe, I'll give them a call! Thanks!
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