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Ski Sound vs Materials?

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While skiing a pair of Fischer WC SL's, I occasionally noticed a sound coming from the skis that I haven't heard since I skied on my P40 RC's. The sound is shrill and glassy. I have only heard that sound from these two high performance skis. Does any know what in the skis makes this sound? I suspect they must have a material in common that makes the sound. Maybe the material is carbon fiber or a type of metal. Both those skis are very stiff. My Fischer WC SC and Salomon SuperAxe don't make that sound.

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My son read this thread and has been making the same comment. He just switched from Stockli to Fischer SL WC's and Blizzard RS .... same comment regarding both!
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I skied some Volkl Mantras on Sunday and noticed a glassy sound with them too. I don't hear it on my P60s, Superspeeds, Karmas or Gotamas. I was wondering what it is too.
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I use to here a similar sound on my Volkl G3's when they were new....faded after a while...
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Second the Volkl Mantra observation on ice. The wood core and metal top sheet with no foam or damping material in the skis creates a clinking sound if the ski chatters on boilerplate or strikes each other. Epic, how did you like the ride?
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FWIW, the Explosivs from many years ago as well as more recent models were well known for being noisy in the same sort way you are describing. For example, see this post I made in 2002:

http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...g #post138252

BTW, I couldn't find the post from 2000 or 2001 on the same subject (noisiness of Explosives) referred to in the above post.

Apparently, all the materials of construction of the Explosivs are of "high-Q", ie, low dissipation, and no specific damping materials are included, presumably because such skis would normally be used in soft snow where this isn't an issue.

Tom / PM
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To bad there aren't more ski reps in the forum. I am sure a Fischer rep would know the difference in construction between the Fischer WC SL which makes the sound vs the WC SC that doesn't make the sound.

(I am really just posting to bring this thread to the top again in hopes of getting a difinative answer instead of an educated guess.)
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