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Another Mammoth question

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Looking for restaurant recommendations.

Travelling with my two sons ages 19 and 17. Generally we will eat most types of cuisine but we are looking for what is good over what is average. They like big portions but to us Brits any US portion is a big portion (for big read massive, where do you guys /girls put all that food?) so that is not really an issue.

I will not be taking anything like jacket/tie etc and the boys dont own those anyway (!!) so nowhere that has any sort of dress code beyond jeans and a shirt please !!

One thing I would like to try is good Mexican food. I am not sure that we get anything like the "real thing" over here in the UK so if there is a good one in Mammoth let me know. That apart, probably the main question is where is the best steak in Mammoth, followed by the best pizza.
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mexican food

Roberto's, corner of Old Mammoth and Sierra Nevada Road.


Use this link:

Enter 271 Old Mammoth Road
Mammoth Lakes, CA

They serve an honest margarita.
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re: Pizza

By far, hands down, second to none Tommy Ho's is the best pizza in town. The name was enough to keep me from trying it for years.

Gomez's is considered not quite as good as Roberto's ,however, I think it is six to one half a dozen to the other.

Big bucks? Nevados is real good.

Breakfast? Good life cafe

The skiing will be great
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