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If You're Skiing Vail Tomorrow..

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Make some turns for me, please. And if I can be so bold to ask, look towards Vail Sports Medicine and send a kiss.


Scared Lisa
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Will send all my good vibes and wishes from Upstate NY!!
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I'll be a bit late with my turns. Can you wait until sunday?
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Good luck Lisa!! I'll be checking in friday.
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Get well soon, LM! Tell your anesthesiologist that I said he/she should take especially good care of you!

Unfortunately won't be up to ski until late next week.
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Not skiing at Vail but we'll look over that way from the top of Copper and be thinking of you. Good Luck.

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Mikewil and folks, will see ya' guys at M.A. tonight. Just in case anything goes wrong tomorrow, I want one last chance to "say goodbye" to everyone.

Thanks for all the well wishes.
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I yelled and waved yesterday. As you may know it's 1985 miles from here to Frisco, and what another 20 to Vail ?

I wanted to make sure the wave and smile got there on time so I sent it early......I forgot about the time zones though....well I'm thinking about you.
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You aren't going anywhere but to Physical Therapy on Friday to start recovering rapidly.

Positive vibes shooting your way. Catch them!
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Prayers, good vibes, positive chi, good karma, and aligned chakras all coming your way!

You'll be fine, and it'll be great in no time.

P.S. We chicks "DO" need stinkin' pain meds immediately after surgery - so if you need it - USE it. If you stay ahead of it, you'll do much better than trying to play catchup if it gets too bad - has something to do with the pain receptors activating a kind of repetitive "Loop" back and forth to the spinal cord. Don't let it get to the loop phase. I made good use of the button on the morphine pump after my three C-sections.

We'll be waiting for the report
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Leaving for Aspen in the am, but will be thinking of you. Will check in with you next week.

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I'm flying the other way tomorrow, LM (Peoria; any Bears there?!), but I'll send up a prayer for you!
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Lisa,Lisa,Lisa, What the heck happened? Well anyway, you can be comfortable in knowing that you are in the best facility for fixing knees and such. My Son spent three days in the Stedman Hawkins Clinic two years ago, February. Compound fracture at Copper terrain park. Dr. Sterrit put him back together good as new, with titanium rod, screws and all. He's back at it doing flips, 1080's and all that.

Hope everything goes well and rehab properly. Good luck.
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