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Best/Worst Trail Themes

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In your opinion ...

What's the best (coolest, most appropriate, ironic, sneakily deceptive, well-conceived, funny, outrageous etc) trail-name theme in the world?

What the worst (wannabe-coolest, most dopily inappropriate, unfunny, stupidly deceptive, missed opportunity, over-the-top, etc) trail name theme in the world?

And can you say why?

You may of course find individual trails you like/hate, but please explain why you praise/pillory.

My fave: Wildcat Mountain in New Hampshire -- the cat names are humorous and crazily coordinated, a great balance of whimsicality and faux-scariness.

My worst: my local Powder Ridge in Connecticut -- a litany of ski cliches ("Bunny Hill") and borrowed names ("Insane Terrain"), like someone just took the most common names in the ski world and used 'em without thinking.
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best: chainsaw/disease ridges at WB

worst: "Extreme Dream Zone" at Panorama. Hahahaha
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Gore has a few trail names I really like

"The Rumor" and "Lies"

They're short and steep, and I have always found those names to be pretty cool

Also I think that Kmart actually has some cool names. "Superstar", "Ovation" for the two trails directly under the lift and in front of the lodge. I've always liked those names especially for those trails which are straight, steep, and in full view of thousands.
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The sorcery theme at Magic, VT is pretty cool. The firearms theme at Gunstock, NH might not be so cool for gun control advocates. There is a little ski area in Virginia's blue ridge mtns called Bryce that has a Prohibition Era theme with runs called Revenuer, Redeye, Bootlegger, White Lightening, etc. I have joked that if Colorado has champagne powder, then the great snowmakers at Bryce Mtn offer mid-Atlantic machine-made "moonshine" snow.
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How can you beat Quacky at MRG. Nothing like a trail named Quacky that at most mountains would be a double black, but at mad is one of their premier blues.....

and of course Birdland, Robin, wren and Partridge....

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Whatabout Windham where weverything wegins with "W" Wolverine, Whistler, Why Not, Wing-N-It, What's Next, Wooly Bear, Wilbur, Wedel, Wrangler, wetc., wetc.
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Camelback has the Egyptan theme. (Asp, Cleopatra, Marc Anthony to name a few)

Magic has a great theme.

Fav trail name is still "The Devils Crotch" at Breck.
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How about resort village themes, too?

Worst: Faux tyrolean @ vail. Kitchik beyond belief
2nd Worst: Any Disneyfied Intrawest village. I swear, if you stand in the center of one, you wouldn't know where you were.

Best: Telluride (town, not village)
2nd Best: Park City (old town, not resort center)
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What about the Lord of the Rings theme for the Castlerock trails at Sugarbush?

Middle Earth, Castlerock, Troll road. Not sure if Cotillion is also in that theme too.
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Purgatory (a/k/a Durango Mt. Resort) acutally has a trail called "Walk-A-Lot." It is listed everyday on the groomed run report, and is aptly named.
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What was the mountain with the trout flies like "Gray Ghost"? Great idea. The bird and other wildlife stuff at MRG is cool.

I like retro-names like "Cascade" and "Downdraft", anything old-fashioned prior to pop-culture.

I hate pop culture names and any kind of hype (Can you hear me ASC?!!!!!)

"White Nitro" at SL, who the heck came up with that? It used to be "Wedge" before they put in a pipe and made it a groomer. "Boom Auger", now that's a cool trail name.

I hate when trails aren't named what everyone calls them. Anyone ever talk about "Highrigger" at SL or do you just say "Is the backside open?". "The Thone" at K-mart? No, it's called "The Toilet Bowl".

One of the new trails at Wa is called "Piece O' Cake". But everyone calls it "Pizza Cake". I like that.
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Aside from a few exceptions most Czech trails in bigger resorts are either Blue or Red or Black according to their proclaimed difficulty.
Each place has only a few of them and there is no need to differentiate them by names. It´s also no tradition here.
Such a lack of originality qualifies them for the worst category.

Unfortuately, there seems to be no change for the better.
Otoh, the unoriginal "color" names are really used and any change would go against the usage.

Should Spindleruv Mlyn where in Dec 2005 Ladies World Cup stages two races rename the traditional "Black" trail to "World Cup" as most resorts would probably do to "sell" the WC image (especially) to foreigners?
That´s the question, dear Watson...
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I agree and like names without hype.

Goat is a great name for a steep narrow craggy doublefall line trail.

The name Outer Limits for a bump run at Killington has always seemed like it's just trying to hard to be cool.
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My favorite run name is definitely STH (Steeper Than Hell) at Snowbird. It's true, too.
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Lots of references to hell and satan. Is hell really steep? Never skied it before....

Doesnt the whole snow thing conflict with hell and the fire and the heat and the fire and of course the heat....

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Best: State Line at wilmot mountain wisconson. the trail runs along the state line of illinios, and wisconson.

Worst: IDK us midwesterners arnt too creative.
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Magic, VT:
I like the whole magician thing, and "Slide of Hans" is a classic:

Le Massif, Quebec
Really cool names about the Charlevoix region and seafaring on the St. Lawrence (click on each name for an explanation):

Candy Mountain, Ontario
A lost ski hill near Thunder Bay with a candy theme, although it probably didn't lend itself to bragging ("yeah, i got massive air on 'Smarties'"):
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Favorite run at Snowmass: AMF

Adios Mother F***er
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How about Big Sky - on the south side of the peak there's Marx, Lenin, Castro's, and the Dictator chutes. Who's the pinko who thought of that?
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Nipple Ridge
Mound of Venus
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Problem with names in the theme department is what happens when they get outdated? I'm thinking here of the 1980's theme of Sunday River. I.e. Risky Business, Top Gun, American Express etc. Keep it simple and don't date it with fads or trends.
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Originally Posted by Snowbowler
Problem with names in the theme department is what happens when they get outdated? I'm thinking here of the 1980's theme of Sunday River. I.e. Risky Business, Top Gun, American Express etc. Keep it simple and don't date it with fads or trends.
Interesting point, but the reverse argument would be that such pop-culture-tied themes give the ski area a kitschy-goofy specialness, eh?
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Dunno. They are mostly French, German or Italian over here.

French names sound more sympathique than German, which I hardly understand a word of.

For years, I thought 'Geoffnet' was the sponsor of the pistes.

Lots of French pistes, in different resorts, seem to be called 'Genepy'. I don't know what that means either.........
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Taos has some great trail names, with several diffeent themes:

Fabian, Oster, Stauffenberg, and Tresckow: I'll take high-ranking officers in the German Army involved in the failed bomb plot against Hitler, Alex.

Winston (Churchill), Blitz, Spitfire: The Blitz of London during WWII

Lorelei, Walkyries, Rubezahl, (William) Tell Trees/Glade, Winkelried, Firlefanz: Germanic/Nordic mythology

Juarez, Hidalgo, Ninos Heros, Reforma: the Mexican revolution

Sir Arnold Lunn, (Matthias) Zdarsky: Skiing pioneers

Ash Pond (Ashley Pond, Los Alamos historical figure), Al's Run (Dr. Al Rosen), Jean's Glade (Jean Mayer), Rhoda's (Rhoda Blake), Totemoff (Pete Totemoff from Santa Fe): local characters

Hondo, Thunderbird, St. Bernard: Ski Valley lodges

Castor, Pollux: Greek/Roman mythology

Kachina, Shalako: Southwest Native American mythology (or not; I don't know if Kachina peak had a name before Taos existed)

Longhorn, Lone Star: Texas
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Hunter Mountain. Still can't get out of the city with trails like Central Park, 7th Avenue, Broadway, Madison Avenue.....: It's about as crowded, too, I hear.
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Greek Peak, NY is consistent in its theme:

Arcadian Gate
Alsos Glade
Crisaen Way
Mars Hill
Aesop's Glade
Castor Connection
Alpha Slope
Elysian Fields
Epicurus Way
Karyatis Way
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The best names are those that aptly describe a run and retain a good bit of humor when applicable. Example: Crazy Ivan's at breck

The worst are intese names for mellow runs. Example: Psychopath at Breck
Also running for worst: 4 'O Clock and High Noon. Why does every resort in existance have to have at least one run named one of those?
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"Fabian, Oster, Stauffenberg, and Tresckow: I'll take high-ranking officers in the German Army involved in the failed bomb plot against Hitler, Alex."

i have never been to taos but had heard about these runs a long time ago, personally i think those are the best names ever.
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Damn, those Taos names are hard to beat, though it's hard not to admire the sheer, zany willfulness of Greek Peak's "pantheon" approach.
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