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Uefa Champions League (euro football)

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Anyone here into soccer/football and watch the champions league? I'm rootin for Chelsea and Juventus to make it as far as they can right now. I was very impressed by these two teams making it through to the quarter finals after losing in their first match of round of 16.
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As long as it's not the SCUM, I don't care.
Would be great to see either team in the final.
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Originally Posted by wbroun
YAY Gunners!
Now if we can only get Champions World to bring Arsenal to the US this summer instead of those lousy MAN U bums....

Close second to Glasgow Celtic
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But Arsenal is out of the competition. They're one of my favorite teams along with AC Milan and Juventus, but there was no way they were going to get past Bayern Munchen. AC Milan will probably win this year anyway. They were able to beat Man U in both matches without having Shevchenko for either match.
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on EA Sports FIFA 2005,

Pontevedra cleaned up in '04 and was promoted to the Spanish Primary league, and just won the '05 league championship. their manager is a former soccer player for a small jesuit college, his name is Hugh Eadschitt.

those poor Spanish Primera superstars like Beckham, Ronaldinho, Zinedine Zidane, Dario Silva... they're all dogmeat in the face of Pontevedra's wicked defense.

Canabal and Dias Barbosa weave through opposing defenses like master spiders.


oh you mean real life? negative. don't know. you know, they deprive us of good football info here in the USA, where the mock-football game of Steroidal Gladiators holds all rights to coverage of anything called "Football."
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I've watched every champions league match on TSN (same as ESPN), and they were one from 5:00pm to like 11pm tuesday last week. I also have Fox Sports World on digital which shows highlights of everything that's happened the respective day in the world of soccer, and shows local league matches.

I'm pretty sure that you could watch the match you want on ESPN. They're not live, but they did start at a reasonable time here in mountain timezone (i'm home from 4pm). I saw chelsea vs. barcelona, juventus vs. real madrid, ac milan vs. man utd.

As for soccer gaming, I stopped liking FIFA around FIFA 2003. I've been playing it since the very first FIFA that came out around 1995 and was just called FIFA Soccer. I went through 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03 and then it was no more for me. I tried 04 and 05 at friend's but didn't like it one bit (same with Euro2004). All I play now is ProEvolution Soccer 4 (winning eleven 8) on my xbox.
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