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Sugarloaf March 31

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Thinking about a long weekend trip to Sugarloaf March 31 to April 4

Would any of you have any idea what conditions are usually like up there that late in the season?

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This is New England we're talking about, so the weather could be anything. But generally that is a great time of year to be at Sugarloaf. They tend to hold their snow longer into the Spring than other areas, and I've had some great powder days there in April. And with the snowpack they've got there now plus the consistently colder than normal temps that we've had for the last two months, and I'd say that they'll be skiing there for a long time to come.
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yeah ya never know, all it takes is one rain storm to really muck things up....

but right now they have a pretyy dang solid snowpack
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they're decent

Sugarloaf in the beginning of April is great in the mornig but as the sun rises the skiing becomrs as little slushier and choppier. Sugarloaf is awesome no matter when you go, give it a try. (try white nitro if its open)
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I was just there and conditions were the best I've ever seen in new england. and considering how much snow they're recieved in the last 2 months you should have no trouble at all finding great condiitions.
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