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Atomic Betacarve 918 ski length

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I need advice on ski length. I plan on buying Betacarve 918's this fall and I am not sure what length to get. This will be my first set of shaped skis. I have been skiing on 180's in straight skis. I am 5'10" and weigh 170lbs. I live in upstate NY. Thanks is advance for the advice.
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can't help you with the sizing JBW but wanted to say welcome to EpicSki. Kind of funny but we are picking up a lot of new people and it's mid summer

As far as the skis length, most people say go shorter on shaped than your previous straights. You probably should post your ability, experience, and what you like to ski so those of the equipment guru's have more to go on. Here's a thread for ability scales if you need some guidelines.
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Thanks for the info. I would consider myself as an intermediate level skier (level 6-7/9). I like to ski most any terrain except bumps. Does anybody have any thoughts on which binding to purchase?
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JBW i guess your not getting the new Atomic Beta carv/X 9.18 the 2001-2002 models as they use special bindings that go on these rails that are part of the ski. If your getting last years models the 2000-2001 models or earlyer then you can put any binding on them. As far as bindings go you will get a differnt opinion on what to buy from everybody. I personally like LOOK bindings. The Pivot kind like LOOK Pivot 7 or 8's. Lenght wise i would get 180 even though you were using 180 in a straight ski. Iam 5'8" 150lbs and had used the 9.18 ski in 180 but i do like to ski fast, thats why i have 9.20 race ski's now. But even so i think 170 at your height of 5'10" is a little to short.
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Ht - 5'8", Wt - 170lbs. Skill - 8, Location - SoCal

I love those sticks! I have put three of my friends who never skied shapes on them in the last two years, and all love the skis and want to ski more. I will say, after extensive skiing on the 9.18 in a 190 length (which I prefer), that a 170 will be too short. If you prefer shorter turns, bumps and trees, go with the 180. If you like higher speeds and bigger turns, get the 190. I like that the 190 Beta 9.18 will do it all! It doesn't ski long and the ski's extremely low swing weight makes it easy to turn in any radius. Don't go smaller than a 180. BTW, Al's Ski Barn (www.untracked.com) has the 2001 model on sale for $349...no tax and free shipping as well.
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I would suggest the 180. For bindings... the 2001/02 model has the binding mounted at the factory. I have used the Device binding, and have had no problems. The 2000/01 and earlier model Carv 9.18 can use any binding, though it is recommended that a low ramp angle binding be used. For best results, use an Atomic binding.
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6'. 170pds. Level 6. (mostly carve up the blue groomers at moderate speeds and short turns) 37 yrs old.

I'm with Pierre; try a short ski. I skiied last years 9.18 in a 180 a few times at Copper and had no stability problems even when I got going fast enough to arouse the attention of the Speed Patrollers. Next years ski is more powerful according to Peter Keelty so I'm going to demo a 170. Should be a turning machine!! though not the thing for off piste
Also if you can afford it get this years ski. It's a little wider and the Device binding is *slick* the whole package is just elegant and incredibly light.
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I bought a pair of 9.18's (180 cm)last year and I love them. I am 54, 6'0', 205lbs, intermediate of maybe advanced internediate. Been skiing 7 years. The 9.18's are the best skis I have ever had. Good in all conditions. Could not demo them before I bought them. Got most of my info from the EpicSki forums. Lots of knowledgeable people here who can help. Try a search of all forums for "Atomic 9.18". I think you will get some great advice.
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Fact is you need to demo before you can really make a good decision based on YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT.

I would suggest looking in to a seasonal rental program [ if available in your area ]with a ski shop that may even let you switch in and out of different skis. A demo shop at a ski resort would be best.

BTW how are your boots and fit of same doing ? You might want to check that out first .

So bottom line, rent until you can demo and then make a buying decision. Certainly you can use the recommendations on this thread as a source of some demo prospects, and of course may your search lead to lots of ......

Happy Skiing
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I also will be purchasing a set of these skiis... I have skied about 3-4 times on everything from bumpy to steep and fast runs.... My biggest complaint was not being able to turn as fast as I'd like.... (with straight skiis)..then I tried some parabolic skiis and it improved alot....

I have my credit card set on buying the Atomic 918's and I am afriad that the 170's will be a bad investment (way too short), or that the 180's will make it significantly harder to turn that on the 170's which will make that a bad choice...

I am 165 pounds, 5'9, and plan to skii regularily if I get these.... but I am still a beginner... would the 170's be a good bet for me?? Will I go alot faster with the 180's but trade turning ability a little?

please help!,



Atomic 918's coming soon
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My opinion is get the 170's. I'm 160lbs 5'8" and an advanced skier and if I were looking for a carving quick turning ski I think I'm looking at 165-170's now. As a beginner, 170 should be plenty to grow into to on the new shaped skis. I demo'ed the 9.20 in a 180 ish lenght and found myself wishing I had gone shorter.
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I'm with Wink - demo before you buy. A bargain price on a ski at the preseason sale turns out not to be a bargain if they turn out to be the wrong ski or length for you.

I demoed the 9.18 Beta Carve last spring in a 170 length. I was looking for a carving ski that would work well for me in a short length. I normally ski a 183 Volant Machette or Powercarve. 5'10", 165 #. The Beta Carves did not work at all for me in that length - squirrely, lots of unpleasant vibration, couldn't handle much speed. When I talked to the shop manager he said " Whadaya expect? They're way too short for you. Ya shoulda tried them in a 190!" Maybe he's right, or the tune was messed up or the demo bindings were in the wrong position, or maybe it was operator error, I don't know. The message is try before you buy.

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JBW, the 9.18 is a great all mountain ski. My wife (level 7/8 skier) loves hers. Many of our instructors at my local hill use them. I'd say that based on your description (both physical and ability), you were probably outskiing the 180s you are using now if they are pre-shaped ski technology. I think you'd be happier in the 180 9.18. However, if you have the opportunity to demo them both, by all means do it.

Kemist, as a beginner with only 3-4 days on skis, I'd say stick with the 170s. There is plenty of performance in the 9.18s to grow with you. I'd also say that if you're having trouble getting your skis around, it is more than likely a result of lack of mileage and the stage you are at on the technique learning curve. You'll feel much better after more schuss time, and maybe a lesson or two...
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