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Whistler- rock skis?

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I go to Whistler this Friday. Should I bring my rock skis?
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Originally Posted by Maui Steve
I go to Whistler this Friday. Should I bring my rock skis?
Don't bring ANY skis. Bring your Mt. Bike.
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No It's snowing there now and is supposed to continue snowing on and off until Sunday. 5-10cm is predicted for Saturday and 3-5cm on Sunday. I imagine if you stay at the top of the mountains, there will be plenty fresh stuff to be found.

I'm also going to be up there at the same time and simply cannot wait.
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14cm of new and counting today with more one the way
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It has been snowing the last few days here with a 14cm dump on Wednesday. Lower reaches are bad and closed but all is open up high. We have over 30cm of snow forecast for the coming 4 days.

Checkout this great site for first hand snow conditions. http://www.snowboardingatwhistler.com
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A direct link to that snow report. Pretty good tip - thanks, sparklor.

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