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Rossi (Bode) One

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Anybody skied it yet?

Just curious if the man would attach his name to garbage, or if it's actually da' bomb.

Any comments?
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Thanx 4 the arty Ryan...

But I'm really interested in first hand accounts, particularly from the bears.
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It is hard to tell the hype from reality. I asked a guy at a shop about the Bode One and he said it was the RPM 100 Oversize with a different top. I don't know if that's true but it appears that way since all the specs (sidecut, weight & lengths) are the same between the two skis.
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I know. Just that I can't help myself. I'm a linkin' fool.

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Hey, better than nuthin! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Appreciate your effort at the very least, that's what we're all here 4.
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Hmm...the tappering dimensions remind me of the Dynastar Powertrac 4x4 or Volkl G30. Both would help you into the turn, but it was up to you to finish things off.
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Just about everyone who tries the RPM 100 and the 9X Oversize believes that it is the same ski with different graphics. In the West you market RPM 100 "mid-fat", in the East you market 9X Oversize "GS type of ski".

And now Rossi has the Bode One, with same dimension but different graphics. This way Rossi manages to get those few potential buyers who need big names on their skis. I think it is a marketing gimick! :
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Hmm...the tappering dimensions remind me of the Dynastar Powertrac 4x4 or Volkl G30. Both would help you into the turn, but it was up to you to finish things off.
You named two classics that have a cult following in this area. A lot of people prefer the tappered tail so they can skid the tails around easier in the narrow steep chutes.
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I skied the Bode One, B1, and B2 at Winter Park last week. I ski 30 -50 days a year, 5'11", 47 years old, skiing 25 years, ski mostly Mary Jane side of Winter Park and divide my time between steeps, bumps, and cruisers. I currently ski K2 Axis X for bumps, Axis XP for powder days in trees and bumps, and Head iXRC for hard pack cruiser days. I do not do air. I hope this profile helps in evaluating my opinion of the Bode Ones. The Rossi rep said it is sililiar to the RPMs but different construction. He said it he thought it was easier to handle than the RPM 100. He did not really like the RPM 100 himself but really liked the Bode. I found the Bode One to be an easy ski to ski. It was smooth and responsive at any speed and turn size. It had great edge hold without being too grabby (like I thought the Volkl 6 Star was). It handled moderate bumps fine and busted through set up crud better than my Axis X. In larger bumps it may be too stiff but I really wouldn't buy this ski as a bump ski (the B1 was better in bumps). I skied it fast on the cruiser runs Cranmer and Hughes and in the bumps and crud on Outrigger at Winter Park. The Bode compared well to the Head iXRC, K2 Axis XT, and Atomic SX11 that I have also skied. The B1 was very similiar to my Axis X and I liked it. The B2 was quick turning for a wide ski and skied the powder and crud well in the steep trees off Outhouse. I also skied the B2 in the larger bumps on Outhouse and it did surprisingly well. It was similiar to my Axis XPs. By the way this years Axis Xs are softer than my 01-02s. K2 decreased the size of the mod core and it is noticably softer now. I haven't skied it but a shop owner told me it was now even a better bump ski but it probably does not hold a carve as well now.
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