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anyone ever have an abdominal hernia?

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Just looking for some advice if anyone's ever experienced this.

My wife's car was stuck in the snow/ice this past Saturday. It was really stuck but, I, trying to be superman, ended up pushing the car out after much rocking back/forth. Only problem is, in the process of straining the hardest I ever have, I felt like I pulled a muscle in my abdomen, to the right and above the belly-button. I discounted this as a pulled muscle and went to the gym on Saturday and went skiing yesterday. It was quite sore.

There's now a little lump, a bit smaller than the size of an eraser head in the general area of pain, and it hurts when I cough, laugh, or sneeze, and I have a feeling that I can only describe as heaviness/numbness in that general area. It doesn't overly hurt when I push on the bump, but there is discomfort and the feeling like a weight is sitting on it. I don't know if that lump was there before (I never noticed it), but I feel it now. I did have a minor surgery to remove a small non-malignant tumor in that area, but that was about 10 years ago. Anyone know if this is a hernia? Anyone have it at one time or another? I'm not overly worried, but have read that they can become strangulated (if it is intestines), and that kind of freaks me out a little.
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Does it disappear when you lay on your back?

I've had one and that's what it sounds like to me. You probably had it prior to pushing your wife's car and that created a bigger tear and created more of a problem. Mine started out about the size of a pea when I went in to have it checked out and learned what it was. It was about the size of a large marble by the time I had it repaired. You're right about the problems it can create if left untreated. Be safe and go have it checked out.
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Hmm, interestingly, it does not disappear when I lay back. It isn't protruding much out of the skin, just a tiny bit (almost not even noticeable in the mirror), but I can clearly still feel it (a hard little mass) under my skin between the ab muscles.
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Even at it's largest point mine would go away when I laid on my back. All I could feel then would be the muscle tear.

Go have it checked out.
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i plan to - thanks for the input.
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