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Ski Resort Statistics

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Does anyone know where I might find sking statistics for various resorts around Colorado, Utah and Tahoe area. Things like average number of skiers per day, Lift rides per day, etc. I know that Christmas, Presidents Weekend, and Spring Break are the busiest times but I am curious by how much. And which resorts see the biggest increase in attendance during these times...
I'm sure I can find yearly totals but I want to see it by day if possible.....
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I would be surprised if you can get this info - resorts don't like to publish those details. If you do find it please pass it along.
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You Might have to Call the PR depts of the resorts. i know locally they will give the numbers for the Park City resorts as part of the local news. If your doing this to find a less crowded place to ski over the big weekends Your best bet is to go to one of the lesser known mountains. All the big name resorts will be packed.
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Various statistics are published within the industry. You may need to pay up to get them, or know someone who runs a ski area.

One industry website:

Public companies that own ski areas disclose fairly complete information in their SEC filings.
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I have been to a couple of the larger resorts over spring break. It was crowded but I my family and I use the single ride line and even at the busiest lifts, we never waited over about 15-20 minutes. I am mainly curious as to which of the resorts actually sees the largest increases during these times...

Does anyone have an opinion on which recieve the largests increase. Let's just keep it in Colorado for simplicity sake....Breck, Copper, Vail, Winter Park, maybe Keystone, Telluride, Steamboat. Which see the greatest percentage increase during peak weeks....
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VR published their totals in the Summit Daily for their resorts up till the end of February or so. I do remember that Vail had reported a total skier count so far of 677,000, and Breck was just behind at about 647,000 or so. What that tells me is all of VR properties are seeing more destination travelers because you don't get numbers like those from weekend skiers up from Denver. I suspect that's true of all areas in Colorado this year - Steamboat sure had a lot of people a few weeks ago and it wasn't even Spring Break yet. Because of that, I don't think you'll see as much of a swing anywhere in Colorado this year.

[Let me quickly edit this to add more info..] I would guess that somewhere like Snowmass sees a 20%-30% increase from skiers in January to skiers in March. So if a given day at Snowmass in January has 5000 skiers, you might expect the same day of the week in March to have 6000 or so. Given the place is 3000 acres, it would be hard to notice a swing like that. If you add 20-30% more skiers at A Basin, you'll quickly notice. So the size of the ski area is important to factor in if you're trying to judge the size of a crowd.

In general though, if you look at skier numbers you'll notice Aspen and Telluride tend to be very consistent throughout each season and year to year. They're destination resorts that tend to attract the same crowd. Areas accessible to front range skiers on a day trip see more of a swing, especially when someone like Vail offers a pass late in the season that lets you ski a bunch of mountains really cheap. Although, I can't specifically think of any numbers that back all that up - that's just my experiences of standing in a lot of lift lines at different times of the year and driving to work through the traffic.
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The public companies publish this kind of information. Check out ASC's annual report, for example:


Killington had 955,000 skier visits in the 2003-2004 season. The newer, lower rates this year probably means they had many more people skiing this year than last year.

The Canyons had 355,000 skier visits in hte same period. Steamboat had just over 1 Million and was the 4th busiest ski resort in the US. K is #6.

You can read the report for all kinds of insight such as how the combined Attitash/Sunday River seasons pass increased traffic at both mountains and created a steady stream of revenue for the company.

Check out intrawest and vail resorts corporate page and look under the investor relations tab for more info.
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Just checked some 2003-2004 stats from Intrawest's Annual Report

Mammoth had 1.4 Million skier visits
Whistler/Blackcomb had over 2 Million skier visits
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Originally Posted by Billd
The public companies publish this kind of information.
No they don't. He specically asked, I'm sure I can find yearly totals but I want to see it by day if possible

I've never seen a ski area publish skier count by day. Ever. Yearly totals aren't useful at all for the info he's looking for - you can't simply divide the number of skier visits by the number of skier days to get an average that means anything. Especially if you want to understand the holiday season.
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