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Replacing Ski Boots

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I was just wondering after how many ski days does everyone replace their ski boots?
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The general idea is 5-7 years max life. If you ski them hard and everyday I would replace them yearly.
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Seems to depend on how well they fit!
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Two rules:

- When they break. They usually* last for hundreds of days and more than a decade, so don't get impatient.

- When you see new boots that you really, really want.

*Search the forum for discussion of some exceptions.
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I didnt know if I should post in this thread, or the one titled "Old gear seen on slopes". I agree with Atomic_918 re how well they fit. You see, I still ski with a pair of Dynafit competition 3F's. They are so old I cant even remember what year I got them, but they do still fit OK. Last season I actually saw two other pairs on the slopes. One guy with a red pair exactly like mine saw me, stopped and we struck up a conversation like we were long lost relatives. While waiting for a lift, I saw an extremely well to do elderley women with all the latest gear, looking a million dollars, in her white Dynafits. She also commented that "..if the shoe fits..."
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