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Resorts for Christmas

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This is my first post, and I am looking for some advice on resorts next christmas.

We are looking for a resort which is guaranteed Snow (or high probabilty) and many miles of piste (normally go to some of the bigger resotrs in Europe). We are mainly Intermediates to advanced skiers but normally ski on-piste.

Having looked at some of the threads here already I see that Whistler breckenridge normally have snow at that time of year (taking this year as an exception bad year for Whistler) but I am unsure of what the weather will be like at that time of year and how cold it will be as I have head stories of it getting very cold in Canada -30 celsius.
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Snowbird is known for having great early season snow. In the past few years some of the biggest storms have been in December.

Breckenridge and Copper also have good early seasons simply because they have the snowmaking capacity to guarantee snow will be on the ground. Whistler is good as well, but can be dependent on weather (and while normally I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, the weather conditions this year were less than stellar at X-Mas.)

If you like on-piste, Colorado might be a good choice.
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