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For an easterner, later is better - our snow is gone, and we extend our season by going west. There are several PSIA events in the east, but not late in the season (like May). If it could get PSIA-E credits, that and the late season skiing would be one pow'ful attraction.
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When do ski areas in the East generally close? Shall we shoot for two weeks after?
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I'd question waiting too late. My guess is you might lose more Western attendees than you'd gain in Eastern attendees.....sounds like poll time. Lots of people are off on other sports in the West by then plus the later you wait the higher your chances of rain and crappy snow.
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I'd say don't wait too long. First week in April. Go too much later and you are skiing glue or ice (at least that's how it was when I went to Tahoe in late April).
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End of Feb or early March is my vote. Gives a little time to get the duckets saved from the ESA trip.
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Well it is officially Fall here in Reno/Tahoe area and a current cold front has some predicting snow in the higher elevations this weekend.

To refresh the idea, Let's poll some criteria.....

Sugar Squaw Heavenly Mammoth
slopeside accomandations? yes yes yes yes
Airport shuttle to resort?...... no yes yes no
Aprez ski activities?...(1=NO 10=LOTS) 2 8 10 7
quantity of awesome terrain? IMO 6 9 7 10
Snow quality late season good good good unreal
distance from airport 1 hr. 45min. 1.5 hr. 3 hrs.

I think these are some of our best options for a good camp. We need to focus in on one and start digging into logistics. There are pros and cons to each so let's hash them out and reach a consensous! I have not listed a few like:
Alpine Meadows (one of my all time favorites for terrain in Tahoe but lack of slopeside lodging and amenities is a killer).

Kirkwood (another great terrain area but too sketchy for accessability, 1.75 hrs from airport and road is frequently closed by snowfall so access is unpredictable)

Mt. Rose (has now become a player in the Tahoe area with the opening this last season of the "avalanche Chutes area" which opens up some incredible terrain where the snow stays great for weeks after storms and it is the closest area to Reno, 1/2 hr drive, inexpensive tickets, but no on hill lodging. ESA'ers would have to stay in Reno or over the hill in Incline Village on Lake Tahoe and shuttle each day)

Whataya think guys & gals?...
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Sugar, baby.

We were thinking Alpine Meadows for the terrain and BC access, but if you say the lack of slopeside lodging is a killer, I will take your counsel.

What say the rest of you, whether or not you have any intention of attending a Tahoe-area event: is it important to you to have nearby lodging where most everyone attending the camp stays?
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It is certainly a plus to have dchan, and Eric D. there to aid the plans! I'll bet Eric could find some bc adventures for us?...
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Squaw would be my choice.
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Originally Posted by nolo
Sugar, baby. What say the rest of you, whether or not you have any intention of attending a Tahoe-area event: is it important to you to have nearby lodging where most everyone attending the camp stays?
Since you opened the question to all, I liked that most of us stayed at the Extended Stay at EAS 1. Having most of the group stay nearby offers the best opportunity to socialize with the Bears and that's as much fun as skiing and learning with the Bears. I think that apr├Ęs ski with the group helps build community and camaraderie and that translates into a better on snow experience. This has been true for the previous ETUs at Stowe as well.

I've not attended an ESA since but staying 'on mountain' would have added cost even if I shared a room since the rooms had no kitchen facilities and resort dining is always more expensive then town dining. However, if off mountain lodging is more than an hour from the slopes, I'd opt for the best 'on mountain' deal. Cost is always the prime consideration for me after a destination and itinerary.

Is there a real town nearby that will offer a variety of lodging/dining options yet provide ample opportunity to easily socialize? For me, that would be ideal.
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Rose with a lodging deal in Reno wouldn't be half bad. Decent airport/schedule... Could work...
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If it's in Tahoe or at Mammoth I would participate for sure. Alpine Meadows would be a great choice. Some of the factors in favor of Tahoe include:

1)The Reno Airport has good connections to most places and is not far from most Tahoe resorts.
2) There is lodging in the Kings Beach to Tahoe City areas that's reasonably priced and close enough to Alpine Meadows or Squaw and other resorts near the North side of the Lake.
3)There are even more such lodging options on the South Shore.
4)I've stayed in Reno on trips to Tahoe as well. As long as you are equiped to get through the passes it's usually a quick trip to most Tahoe resorts.
5) Tahoe would be a great site because there are also a lot of different ski areas to consider.
6)Mammoth admittedly would be a drive but still worth it.

The Tahoe areas that come to mind include:

Mt. Rose
Diamond Peak
Northstar at Tahoe *
Alpine Meadows *
Squaw Valley*
Homewood *
Sugar Bowl
Sierra at Tahoe *
Kirkwood *
Mammoth Mountain *

*areas I've been to.

To me the notion of reasonably priced accomodations that can house most participants is important to creating the ski camp atmosphere. The only knock I had about ESA III was the slopeside accomodations(well, there was also a lack of snow in January.) They were quite nice but I got tired of the bellhops dressed as cowboys asking if I wanted them to carry my skis to my room whenever I entered the Hotel. The "Extended Stay" concept at ESA I was more to my liking and somehow seemed to foster a little more camaraderie (although WTFH seemed to do quite well in the camaraderie department at Big Sky.)
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I would have to agree that having all the attendees staying at the same local would be preferable. Slopeside even more preferable but this limits choices to Sugarbowl, Squaw, Heavenly, Mammoth and increases costs)

I will check with Mammoth to see if they still have their tour bus and would make daily pick ups at airport to shuttle us to Mammoth Mtn Inn (3 hour drive but Mammoth IMO kicks butt on so many levels to Tahoe) Once in Mammoth there is a town wide FREE shuttle system so perfect for carless campers. The Mammoth Mtn Inn is ski in/out with the gondola to the top and main lodge across the parking lot. Plenty of awesome terrain for ALL ability levels.

I would love to take some groups off the back of the mountain to ski "Hole in the Wall" an actually cavelike chute through the mountain that is skiable and empties out at the crosscountry touring center where they serve lunch and a shuttle bus could be arranged to take us back to the lift. This is an adventure in itself and worthy of lots of photos. Chute is steep but have taken beginning parallel skiers down it albiet sideslipping.

I just called Mammoth and left message for more info....will let you know what I find out!
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Thanks for scouting for us, Bud. The Hole in the Wall sounds like an excellent adventure, reminds me of one we had at Snowbird in the Keyhole.
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Bud, I may have to figure out how to make it happen if it's at Mammoth; I've never made it there, and having this on tap... boy, howdy!
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Steve, Rose would be the cheapest, has some great terrain now that the Chutes are open and inbounds, and close to Reno (1/2 hour) and to my shop) BUT I think it is too small for a four day camp and would leave some wanting more, plus daily transportation and lodging could get conveluted.

I think the choices should be narrowed to one of the following:

Squaw, Heavenly, Mammoth

Just got off the phone with Mammoth. There are airport shuttle oppertunities. Their "off" season does not kick in until after Easter but remember they usually ski until July 4th and beyond so snow quantity is not an issue and we would still have good Winter snow on the upper mountain. They may have air shuttle service as well from Reno and LA by Spring of '07 too. I will check with upper management about bringing our own coaches but I don't forsee a problem.

I will make an effort to contact Squaw tomorrow.
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Anytime you have it in driving distance of me, I'll come. So far, haven't heard anything suggested like that.

How about Lake Louise? Can't beat it for beauty.
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Originally Posted by bud heishman
I think the choices should be narrowed to one of the following:

Squaw, Heavenly, Mammoth
Given this, I'd vote Mammoth. Mostly because I've been to the other two and always wanted to ski Mammoth. Do you think Heavenly is really condusive to the Academy? I skied there one weekend, then never went back. Just never saw the draw...
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FWIW, Until this year I'd never been to Mammoth. It was too easy to simply stop at one of the Tahoe resorts. However, having finally made it to Mammoth late this season, I realized what I'd been missing out on all these years. It would be a great choice.
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Shh, personally I agree with you for the most part but now with the whole new village and the gondola from town center to mountain and the plethera of lodging and entertainment options all without the need for transportationg expense (free shuttles from airport too) it is a very viable option. There is actually some great expert skiing on the back side called Mott's Canyon and some great tree skiing with powder. for the most part though it is an intermediate mountain with a less than stellar lift system. The skiing at mammoth can't be beat and Squaw isn't bad either. mammoth mammoth mammoth....say it with me...MAMMOTH!

ssh = Mammoth
Lostboy = Mammoth
me = Mammoth

Can you start some kind of a survey Steve? I don't know how.
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longest season = Mammoth
best snow in the West = Mammoth
Wide runs, open bowls, steeps, moguls, great weather = Mammoth
most annual snowfall = Mammoth
elevation = Mammoth 11,000 plus
most skiable terrain in the West = Mammoth (Heavenly will beg to differ but you judge)
Best cafateria food = Mammoth hands down
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Sounds like Mammoth!

To do a survey, start a new thread, title it, put something in the message, and scroll down to options and select poll. The rest you can learn by doing.
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More thoughts for you:
Mammoth offers accomandations for the budget minded in town via Motel 6, Quality Inn, and lots of others with free shuttles to the lodge continuously throughout the day. You can also jump on the North Village gondola right out of the village.

Those that have interests in racing, mammoth's race department is second to none and can customize something for us I am sure. Me and you Arcmeister....for pink slips baby!!
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Is it going to happen?
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I am guessing it will be a topic for conversation at ESA in Snowbird!

I am certainly still behind the concept and willing to put in some effort to help it to fruition!
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If it's going to be an ESA West, it probably would have to be late in the season for planning purposes. In the alternative, it could also be a late season "gathering".
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Sounds like a great idea. I would be very interested in attending, as the cost of the full ESA in snowbird is quite prohibitive. A 2-3 day clinic would be much more reasonable for many of us!
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I would attend a tahoe area ESA with my wife.
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With next year's Gathering in the Tahoe region, how about reviving this discussion about doing an ESA event, with the idea of dovetailing the dates?
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The Gathering is right after the ESA. Could we do ESA-W that close to ESA?
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