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Burnin Luv vs Supersport Gamma for teen girl

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I am considering purchasing one of these skis for my 15 y.o. daughter. Unfortunately, there has been no opportunity for her to demo. However, that may change since we plan a trip to southern VT at the end of the month. If anyone has had an opportunity to directly compare these 2 skis, I would greatly appreciate your input. My daughter is 5' 2" and 118 lbs. At the beginning of the season she was in a level 6 class at Stowe, but she has improved some since then. Currently, she is on 3 year old Volkl G 20/20 in a 149 cm. I'm hoping that for next year the combination of a newer more shaped ski and good lessons will help her make the transition to more consistantly carved turns. Also, it would be a benefit if the skis performed reasonably well in variable snow conditions and bumps- she's already comfortable with steeps as long as their groomed. Thanks again.
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One luv would be Ideal I think.
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Supersport Gamma gets my vote, otherwise the One Luv Duke mentioned is great as well.
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My fiance just purchased a pair of Volkl Supersport Gamma's in a 161cm and she loves them! Her last 3 pairs of skis had been K2's. I finally convinced her to get on a pair of Volkl's and she is more than happy that she made the switch. Volkl's have the best edge grip by far!
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If she likes to rip, the Burnin' Luvs would be the choice. But if she's not yet proficient at bumps, the Luvs are a bit stiff, so the Volkls may be a better choice. Madbee is about your daughter's height, and she was on them in Montana. They did right by her in the bumps. Have fun!
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Thanks for the replies. It sounds like the Supersport Gamma may be the better ski for my daughter, if I can get the PINK stars past her. Has anyone seen any nice deals on the 147cm(preferred) or 154cm? The best I have seen is about $600 with taxes for skis and bindings.
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My wife is the same size as you daughter and level 8 skier. She skis on the gammas in 154.
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Don't rule out the EXP for your daughter. Have her demo them. The PINK stars may be a bit much unless she is a high level skier. You may want to try and find her last years AX3 Gamma. Not sure if they will make the AC3 in a Gamma next year.

A buddy (hairybones) his wife loves her Burnin Luv's. She skis everywhere we do trees, bumps and high speed groomers. I doubt you'll beable to find the Burnin Luv's I don't think there are many left.
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Hey there,

As a frugal new englander, my first thought is that's a lot of money to spend on a teenager's ski! (especially if she is still growing.) Considering your daughter's height/weight why not look at all of the "Junior" offerings? Junior equipment is priced much more competitively. I ski a junior boot - Rossignol Power 9.1J. My old skis have Marker Junior race bindings, too.

ok, let's assume money is no issue!

I have been told by K2 reps the Burnin Luv is too much ski for most smaller women (your daughter's height/weight may make her a better candidate for a softer ski) - unless she is very muscular and skis agressively. (I ski the Burnin Luv and I both outweigh your daughter and ski at a higher level.)

The "Luv" series is a good one and I am sure she can be happy on either the "True" or the "One".

I also own a pair of the Volkl 724 EXPs and find this ski to be much stiffer and heavier than the Burnin Luv. The Gammas are all more flexible.

Good luck!
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