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Am I Missing Anything Big?

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I have a pair of X-Screams that were the original line, made in 1997-98 or something. They have softened up a little, but after a couple hundred days, still put a big smile on my face.

I see no reason to buy anything new, but perhaps there are developments out there I don't know I'm missing. Has there been anything better come out in the last few years for a Vancouver-area skier?
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JR, if the smile is still on oyur face, why worry?
I ski with an outdated ski, as far as dimension/construction...but that's the tool I'll have to use for a little bit more.
OTOH if you'd demo a couple of up to date skis, you'll realize that something has changed indeed.
I demoed the 2003/2004 crossmax in november and I "discovered" how easy was to ski with those skis, less fatigue on my 38 y.o legs but still the same smile on my face, with less effort, I'd evensay that the smile got bigger!
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Boy, what a loaded question. IMO there are a lot of better skis out there. Like Matteo said go demo. You may have your eye's opened up a bit, and a big WOW coming out of your mouth.

If you like Salomon's try the Extra Hot's.
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I agree with MC, there are many answers to such a general question. Here's what I'd do if I had a ski I liked, but was interested in seeing if something was out there I liked better.

Keep your current ski and demo. I'm not talking about one or two, but many. You could narrow the field by posting here and getting some suggestions. If you do that indicate your size, location, and the type of skiing you do. You'll get many suggestions.

Once you find a couple you like, take your time and look for the right deal on either closeout sales or e-bay. You can be picky since you already have a ski you like. When it's all said and done, who knows, maybe your current skis are the ones you'll like best for you. Good luck.
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Okay, at the suggestion of Coach13, here goes:

I am 6'1", 180lbs, 40 yrs, and ski every weekend, all conditions. I ski the whole mountain, from having fun with the kids skiing backwards down the bunny slope, to carefully picking my way down double blacks. I haven't demoed since I bought the Screams in 1997, but tried plenty then and liked the Screams and Atomic 9.22, hated Rossi's & K2's. I live in Vancouver, so am used to pow, groomed, crud, and soft slop. Groomed or not, I don't really care. I vary my style, from hops in the crud, to long & short carves, to lock-kneed retro stylin'. bumps and trees fun too. Most of my skiing is done at a hill where retro is in... some on the best skiers can be seen in day-glo one-pieces on straight 205's 20 yrs old; no one laughs when they see them ski. (Will today's equipment last 20 years, 30 days/season?). Oh yeah, I can't resist the odd hit at the side of the run, though no park/pipe stuff.

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Volkl AX3 try 177 and 170cm. I'm sure you have seen my other post on this ski, so I won't go into why I like it so much. I think you will like the up turned tail.

The new Atomics should be another ski to demo.
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There are a ton of great skis out there but my favorites are Fischers and Dynastars. Based on where you ski and the varied terrain you described, I'd recommend the Dynastar Intuitive 74 in a 175cm. It's, in my opinion, one of the most versatile skis out there for skiing all types of terrain with one ski. It has geat edge grip and fantastic pop coming out of turns. In addition, the 74mm waist will provide sufficient float on the ungroomed slopes. They're are better carving skis and better fat skis out there, but for a 1 ski quiver, the 74 is great. Best of all, this ski is always available at a reasonable price.
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I demo'd almost everything I could lay my hands on this year. Surprisingly, I liked what I already use the most!

OTOH, I have another pair of ski's that if compared to anything else will lose.

Only you can tell....
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Originally posted by BigE:
I demo'd almost everything I could lay my hands on this year. Surprisingly, I liked what I already use the most!
Not a surprise at all. We adapt to our skis over time and become used to them. I'd go as far to say that our technique becomes built around what we ski. Anyone disagree?
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Well Matter, certainly not the people who ski the old straight blades. I know a few of these guys, and they've all tried the new-fangled shape-skis before. They universally don't like them, because they have a technique that works for them that the new skis do not compliment.
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