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Fischer rx-8 in 165 0r 170

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Hey guys Ive been skiing a hand -me -down beta carv 9.11 in 170 for 3 years now. Im an advanced-expert skier who skis 80% mountain (lots of moguls) 20% park. Very tight two ffet together style. Well i finally put some money together and am seriously thinking of the fischer rx8. It is extremley fiffcult for me to demo. Do you think the Fischer would be a good progression? Should i stick with 170 or 165? (5"10 175). Any help in this matter would be greatley apreciated.

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Read these post b4 my thread

Was still looking if any of you kind gentelman could more specifically answer my question. As a responsible thread starter i have read these posts and was not satisfied before i started mine.

thanks again
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I was in the exact same boat as you in early February when I finally broke down and decided I wanted to replace my SX7s with something more aggressive. I'm roughly 5'11" and 190 pounds, and decided to go with the RX8s in 165 as opposed to 170.

I think with your lower weight than mine, the 165s would be a good fit for you. I haven't encountered any issues with my shorter length decision at this point, other than having slightly compromised floatation, and probably a little bit lessened ability to bust up crud. I ski about 80% of the time in central and southern New York, and the remainder in New England or northern New York.

On hard snow and cordouroy, these skis are an absolute blast... Any more specific questions?

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Thanks Craig for some extemley helpful information espicially considering im a fellow east coast suffering skier. killington is not vail (i dont care if it's snowed up). I do make it out west 2 weeks a year. Still a little nervous that the transition from a atomic salom ski in 170 to a all mountain in 165 will be uncomfortable. Wish i was able to demo. Also curious when you thought the best deal would come around, now or in a few months.

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I will offer a little bit of advice. This ski has a great reputation and I don't see how you can go wrong at your weight. Generally 5cm is not a ton of difference between ski sizes particuarlly this type of ski. When its soo close between sizes you have to demo for size to get the "perfect fit". Since you can't demo... The differnece will be the longer ski will have a slight bias toward longer turns and probably a slightly greater stability in crud or rough conditions. The difference may not be noticable. Do you ski fast, Above 35MPH regualrly? If not don't worry about it if so then longer is safer. For the moguls the shorter sticks will have a lower swing weight. The longer may be slightly more versatile for "all mountain purposes" and I think the longer tails in general give a softer landing in the park. Other than that either will probably be great. I don't see how you can go wrong. Don't sweat the small stuff.
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5'10" 190# RX8 160cm....All mountain skier
skied in conditions from knee deep powder to Formica-like ice......
excellent ski....

Your technique and skis of choice do not seem to coincide.

There are better choices for a narrow stance mogul/park skier.
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I have to agree with Shen a little bit. This is a strange choice based on what you are describing wanting to ski primarily (but then again, you were on a Atomic slalom ski). Realize the side cut on the RX8 is identical to that of the Fischer race slalom skis. Have you thought about a RX9 instead, or perhaps more of a midfat ski? I am actually thinking about getting something between 75 and 80 cm waist as a complement to my RX8 for those choppier days in the east and spring conditions. The RX8 can handle it fine, it just takes a lot of work since the ski is a little bit out of its element. I bought this ski primarily to carve on hard snow and have great stability at speed, both of which it does well. I've had it in a half pipe, done some jumps with it, and brought it in both moguls and glades. It can do it all, there are just some things another ski could do better...

As for deals, check out the ski swap forum on here. Dawgcatcher had some RX8s and RX9s for sale up till pretty recently (even though I think he sold out of the RX8 in 165s). There also seem to be pretty good deals that come through eBay. Apparently the 2003-2004 ski is pretty much identical to the 2004-2005, so if you want to save some money, you could also go that route. Apparently the ski is also returning for 2005-2006 with just a graphic change (which in my opinion is a lot tackier than this years), so...

Hope that helps...

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Thanks guys for all the help. This is truly a friendly and helping comunity. Im thinking of purchasing a used twin tip (public enemy) in addition to the rx-8 for my park skiing. And im pretty much settled on the 165.

Thank You
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Oh scratch that

Now im nervous. I do not usually come down the mountain at high speeds. I like to stay in a tight line doing many turns. Like i said i ski mogul style on all the mountain. Out west ill hit the trees out of bounds bowls and moguls. If it needs to be 1 ski would the Rx8 be best suitable? Any other suggestions? I know im sounding like my wife. There seems to be conflicting feedback here.

Going Insane
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Originally Posted by benyitz3@aol.com
Oh scratch that

Now im nervous. I do not usually come down the mountain at high speeds. I like to stay in a tight line doing many turns. Like i said i ski mogul style on all the mountain. Out west ill hit the trees out of bounds bowls and moguls. If it needs to be 1 ski would the Rx8 be best suitable? Any other suggestions? I know im sounding like my wife. There seems to be conflicting feedback here.

Going Insane
If you want one ski to "do it all" you have to make some sacrifices. Finding out what those are is the key. If you are this unsure you probably shold be demoing.

Have you considered an all mountain twin like the Head Mad Trix or Big Stix 8.0? It seems like the obvious choice givne your desire for an all mountain ski for booth coasts that is good in bumps and park.

Mogul turns are generally higher on the rotation and less on the carving factors. They are not RR track type turns. A ski like the RX8 or any in the hyper carver category is designed for such high speed carved turns. The wide tip helps on the carved initiation. Also the hyper carvers are stiffer to provide better highspeed stability. In Moguls the wide tip can cause you to over initiate when your tips hit the trough or front of a bump. At worst this will cause the tip to get hung up and you will toe eject out of your bindings. The stiffer tip can knock you off blance and either into the backseat or over the handel bars. For that reason many people preffer a relatively softer flexing ski with a straighter profile for bumps.

That siad I ski my T50 5*s in bumps nearly every day out and I usually have an fine time. How good generally depends on the shape and hardness do of the bumps. Rounder and softer = better. Oblong and icy = worse. So a SL ski si a good enough solution for bumps, but its not designed to be a great bump ski.

So I agree with the other posters that your style and chosen ski seem to be at a disconnect. You siad you ski mogul style everywhere. If you aren't carving most of your turns why do you want carving SL skis? A softer ski with a longer natural turn radius might be better suited to bumps and will proably work better with your technique (nless I am really confused). For example the K2 Axis X or the Atomic R9 are very versatile skis that should be skiable for all mountain on both coasts and should work well with your skiing style. Anything but the hardest eastern ice or the heaviest out west crud will be do-able on those.

For somethign a bit more current a nice turny midfat like the Rossignol B1, B2, dynastar 4800, 8000, or Bigstix 8.0 comes to mind. All are good bump skis and would be skiable on both coasts. The Big Stix 8.0 is also a twin for the park. I would worry abotu the wider waist (80mm) beign a bit too much in east coast bumps. A narrower waisted "all mountain" twin tip like the Head Mad Trix (75mm waist) may be the best solution.
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My suggestion is that you rent or continue on with your Atomics and put the saved money toward lessons to learn the newer technique that will unlock the Rx-8s (and most other skis) for you.

The Rx-8 is a great ski, its hard to say NO when someone is thinking about buying them. I, personally, wouldn't recommend them because they do not fit with your style of skiing. Think about it this way... its like buying a ferrari when what you really need is an SUV so that you can make it to your mountain house on the dirt road. The ferrari is fantastic, but its a waste of money because it doesn't fit your needs. You can either get the ferrari and have a hard time getting to your house (ie. not enjoying the RX8's fully) or you can get the SUV (look at different skis)

public enemys, Madtrixs, other TwinTips, are great park and all mountain skis, I think its a better choice for you right now especially because it'll help you make the transition to new style AND it can be had really cheap AND you can continue to use it in the park if you do get the RX8 etc. i'd look into 169's

I might be flamed for this....
If you want a ski to compliment your "allmountain mogul technique" then check out a Rossignol Scratch Mogul or other similiar ski. Normally I wouldn't recommend it as an all mountain ski, but this is your style. I am only one person though.

In the end, it pretty much doesn't matter. If you get the RX8's, you're still going to ski, you might not even notice anything negative and you're definitely still going to have a good time. If you think positively of the decision you make, thats really all that matters.
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benyitz3@aol.com, welcome to EpicSki! We're glad to have you here, and you've picked one of my favorite skis to ask about. That said, given what you've said about your preference in skiing style and terrain, I must say that I'm surprised that you'd consider the RX8. The RX8 is a lively, slalom-style carver that is best suited to hip-width stance and modern carving technique. In the park, I'd be a bit concerned that they'd "bite back". Besides, I've never been able to take my good skis onto the rails, anyway!

That said, I agree with the previous posters on this thread that you may want to try an "all mountain" twin-tip instead. But, before I recommend one, what is it that you're seeking in terms of feel, performance, etc.? What other skis do you like? Which skis have you not enjoyed?
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