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I have one word for sunday river this wknd: epic - one of the best weekends in years

The trees over in OZ were a blast, plus under the chair on the side of white heat was great even after I tripped over the snowmaking pipe:

Awesome awesome stuff - lots of hoots and hollers heard from the woods both days!
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Epic is right....best weekend in years, quite possibly in my 20+ years up there. Woods in jordan were sweet..both days. Unfortunately I kissed a tree on sunday about 1:30 and ended the day with a mild concussion and a nice shiner. Looks like we might have made out the best overall here in maine (or NE) with the 20-25" I skied through all day saturday....and could you beleive it -NO WIND... I guess i would have lost that bet. You can check out some of our turns in the woods here http://www.sundayriver.com/video2.html?url=web3-14384K_Stream001.flv . I'm in the grey coat....skiing FAST! Hopefully, one or two more....but I might be getting greedy.
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