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Fischer RX8

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2003/2004 Fischer RX8 skis, 170cm with Salomon S912 bindings. I skied these about 15 – 20 times last season and only 5 times this season. PM me with any questions. Make me a fair offer and they’re yours.
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I'm trying to save myself from doing the ebay thing. Anyone interested at $290.00. They are freshly tuned.
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I'm interested in the Rx8's for my husband. He's only 5'8" though. I'm just wondering if the 170's would be too long! Let me know what you think!

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I'm 5'9 1/2 weigh 190lbs and am on the 165's. Otherwise I'd buy these as a backup. Great skis!
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I'm 5' 7" (bare feet) and 180lbs. and wouldn't want to ski them any shorter. Also have Nordica SUV 14's and Nordica Top Fuel both 170.I agree about the great ski part.
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Sorry to jump in here hpd. What's 5cm after all? It also depends on what you like to do. I got them to be able to make shorter turns than my 170 Atomic SX:11's. They still hold great at speed at 165. That being said, with a slightly longer turn radius I'm sure they'd be great at 170 too.

Snomiser, if your husband's style and ski preference aren't too strongly towards short turning, the 170 would be fine - the RX8 is one of the best skis around - it does it all - go for it. Ice, crud, groomers, bumps. And the 03/04 model is beautiful and the same ski as the 04/05 except for a slight difference in the binding mounting.
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