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Driving to Mammoth

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We will be driving to Mammoth from Los Angeles International Airport on a Sunday morning. What is the best route?
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The Straight Dope

405N to 5N to 14N to 395N. Not positive on the "N" but you get the idea. A BIG heads up: Once you are on the 395, SLOW down when you are entering into the small towns, 'cause the Smokies are waiting to come down on you. Gas up in Olancha at the Texaco and in Bishop at the Paiute Palace(usually the cheapest places on the 395). On Saturday night, the Paiute Palace( it's an Indian casino) has a decent prime rib dinner on the cheap. Bishop also has Meadow Farms for outstanding jerky and Schat's Bakery for, well, baked stuff. Get some discount coupon books at the Mammoth Reservation Office(in the RiteAid/Footloose shopping center) to save some cash and get a copy of the Mammoth Times and The Sheet for the happenings around town plus meal/drink deals. http://www.mammothsecrets.com/ Kinda old info but gives you an idea of the reliable eats around town. You set...
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Much obliged........all I need now is some lower temps and the snow that they are promising for the weekend, just to freshen that big base up a bit !
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Colin, will be driving in Thurs night skiing fri-mon, the snow will come as predicted, I feel lucky and it has worked all year. Ya sure!

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