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Boots Head RS 100 26.5

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It took me 5 hours and 30 minutes to accept that I really need a larger size. They are back in the box and look completely unused. Mondo 26.5.

For what it is worth,the blurb from the reviewers says:

"Head has loaded its new flagship model with just about every trick in its arsenal including the wondrous Full Custom Frame, an open-toe, bobsled shaped plastic insert that makes the shell width adjustable shell—an industry first. The shell is also dual injected for separation of flex and fit. Outside, retro-look bail buckles micro/macro adjust and the instep buckle adapts for instep height. A pair of spine-mounted bolts screw in or out to adjust cuff flex. Inside, the new heat-moldable SuperHeat3 liner has reinforced ankle and heel frames (with insert stay options) for crisp power transfer. A soft toe box tip accommodates a variety of toe lies."
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Are you sure you need a larger size? Do you have less than a 1/2" when you do a shell fit?

I have the RS100 in a 27.5 with 1/2" when doing shell fit. I had to have some grinding done to get them to fit, but man, what a boot! Also, the liner is beefy and takes a few days to break in.
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I am interested pm or email me, I tried but could not pm you.
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Max - thanks for the note about checking the fit again. These boots seemto be narrow for my wide fore-foot.

Gobig - thanks for your interest. I have emailed to you my contact info.
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Max- I have lange 130s in a 9.5, just bought. The fit is ok on my 11.5 left foot, but it is unbearable on my 12 right foot. The guys at Basin in Killington said there was very little that they could do. With so little shell room, about a finger, my toes are forced to fully curl to fit in. They quickly went painfully numb on the right foot when I tried to ski. What can be done? I love the performance and it will be hard to dump them.
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Were you able to get those stretched or punched? I would hate to see you give up such a nice pair of boots (if I remember right, you went to alot of trouble to find them). Also, the liner on those is very overbuilt-I ended up using my old Icon XT liner in my Head RD96's, as the liner seemed to refuse to break into my foot. The Tecnica liner is very thin. Good luck!
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So much can be done to a boot. They can grind, punch, and heat stretch. Bring your boots to a good boot fitter with a shop full of tools and see what they can do for you. It also might help to stretch the liner a bit in the toebox.

John, the RS100 has a plastic insert attached to the boot board (under the liner) that wraps your foot. It makes the boot last 100m. If you cut that plastic out it'll change it to 103mm. In my case I had to cut all of the plastic out AND have a bit of grinding done to have enough room up in my forefoot area.
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Thanks for the kind advice concerning those Head RS100 boots. They are certainly excellent boots and had it not been for the discomfort, I would have definately kept them. However, I probably need a 27 shell. In the meantime - back to those old but comfotable 27.5 Tecnica Icons
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