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Fastest Nastar Skis

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Here's my obsevations on the fastest Nastar Skis. The fastest times I saw were on Atomic GS 11s and Fischer RX4s. More specifically, I could keep up with the Atomics on softer snow on my Volkl Slalom Carvers but on Cold, Harder condiditions the Atomics were 2 seconds faster. I don't believe this has much to due with the turning radii of the skis (21 vs 14) but much more to due with the dampness and smoothness of the Atomic. It absorbs the forces of an icier course much better than my slalom ski allowing for a smoother and more relaxed ride at high speeds allowing the skier to be more agressive and take a tighter line etc. This is borne out in that on warmer days we all ran ariund 10 handicaps. But on colder icier days, the Atomic skiers would post their low handicaps of the year
(5, 6, 7) while I would drop to 13. I saw the Fischer run some unbelievable times as well. I am looking for the set up that will kick all butt. I will stick with my Technica XT Race Boot but have to get off these Volkls. I prefer a slalom ski that can cruise very very fast as well rather than a GS ski that can turn them both ways. I'm seriously considering going with 2 skis set up of:a New Top of the line Head or Fischer Slalom Comp (near the top end of the Radius) and The Atomic GS 11. Or just keep it simple and get the SL 11 and GS 11 all set up with lifters and plates. I also hear that Head is coming out with a 17Radius Layered Ski.

Anyhow, thanks for your interest. I would love to hear what you all think is the fastest Nastar set up out there.

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Just a hunch, as I know little about race setups, but it probably had much more to do with the skier than the ski. I'd say the RX 4 skier you cited is an example of this.

The RX 4 is a beginner to intermediate ski that pales in comparison to it's big brothers the RX 6 & 8. I know several people who ski NASTAR and free ski, with their RX 8's. Take a look at the Fischer WC Race SC and the WC SC as well. Head also has a new ski out for '05, called the XRC 1100, that alot of people are raving about. Good luck.
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I would try the rossi 9X oversize. Was pretty fast through the gates, but also could be skied in many conditions!
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I would also say it's mostly the skier, although in some conditions some skis work better than others. On most flat NASTAR courses you have to work fairly hard to get a GS11 to bend, and in softer snow that isn't always easy. Something with the turn already "built in", like your Volkls, will be faster in soft snow because you can just ride the edge instead of pressuring.

In the NASTAR-esque intramural leaugue I run, race carvers generally beat full race skis, unless the skier's ability is enough to efficiently flex the ski while carving- without losing speed. Some of the fastest runs this year were on short slaloms.

I run Atomic Beta Race 9.20s on that hill, and I generally post the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd fastest runs of the night. Other racers on the same or similar skis generally do nearly as well as long as they know how to carve them. When the snow gets hard, we do lose a little advantage.

Overall, I would say a 16-18M radius ski will be faster on a NASTAR course, all things being equal.
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I too beleive that it was due to the skier, rather than the skis itself.
You may need to find what ski works better for you. But it could be also something else (like boot set up, but seeing that you're on Xt, well, it could aslo not be)
I'll tell you this. Many years ago me and my mate usedto "free-race" against each other, just to see who was the fastest.
We used to stard without push, at the same time
go as straight as possible for as long as possible and then follow the run.
Well, in those initial times my mate was alsways faster than me.
His skis Voelkl P9 RS skis, 195 cm
His boots, 4 buckles Koflach
My skis Voelkl P9 RS super, 205 cm
MY boots, rear entry Salomon sh 92 racing
I was 10 kg heavier than him.

The next year I was on new boots, 4 buckle Tecnica TNT. Every thing else was unchanged
Guess who was the fastest?
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Sorry, I meant the RC 4s. The 17M World Cup Race Ski. Hear a lot of excellent things about these. Hear they kick Atomic ass. BTW Excellent point on the boots. The mono shell on the XT really hooks up a real and immediate feel for the snow and makes real and immediate any movement you make with your legs. Extremely reliable and trustworthy in all conditions. No need to ski them tight either, that is to really buckle them down. I see the ugly white Atomic race boot is popular amongst the top racers, with the Atomic ski and binding as well of course. Anyone know what are plug boots?

Thanks again for reading!
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Originally posted by jobgymski:
Anyone know what are plug boots?
Here's a link that provides several threads on the subject.
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Thanks for the Link. After reading all that I can confirm that the Technica Icon XT Race is a "plug boo." And indeed very cold but worth it. Average temperature in NY Catskills this winter was about 8. What finally worked best for me was
I thin pair of Merino wool socks. I would put the boots on the heater for a good 10 minutes and then put the socks on there for a couple of minutes too. This more than doubled the amount of time I could ski without having to warm up my frozen toes.
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I have demo'd the Head laminate(XRC 1100 lam, I don't know the radius but I assume it's around 17) for next year and thought it was a truly amazing ski. It didn't require the strength to get it to carve as the 04-05 GS11 or RC4 worldcup but held just as well. I would recommend demoing this if you get the change, I think it would be an excellent all-around ski that will also be excellent for Nastar and GS racing.
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