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Sun Peaks

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What is this place like? I love Whistler but my family would like try something new. The wife and I love steeps and spend a lot of time in the backcountry. Any info would be great.
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I'm no expert at Sun Peaks, but I've spent 6 days there and seen most of the upper mountain. If you're looking for steeps you might want to consider other areas. While there are some moderately steep runs, there is not much of the thrill factor there. This is a great area for a group of skiers who have a wide range of abilities. Great beginner and intermediate slopes, and lots of them. Plenty of advanced terrain to keep you interested. Wide open bowls and steep bumps make for a lot of fun, but no pucker-factor stuff (unless someone hid it from me).
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 Yep, I agree with Posaune - I was up there this weekend for the first time. We had a group of 7 with a wide range of abilities and we all found fun stuff to keep us happy. The lift lines were amazingly small considering it was spring break.....I think my longest wait would have been less than 2-3 minutes.
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