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Will Bode’s win Change anything? - Page 2

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Funny thread, bemoaning skiing not being an accepted TV (couch potato) sport!!

BTW, Sailer's margins of victory in the 1956 Olympics:

GS 6.2 seconds
Slalom 4 seconds
Downhill 3.5 seconds
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Bode's victory will be a blip on the radar. Until more people ski, it will only be a few of us (the alpine sliding community) that really can relate or care.

Want skiing and ski racing to hit the mainstream again? Lower the prices and ramp up the marketing machine.
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Could you imagine a Japanese baseball player being idolized in the United States?

Here's where the immediate effect will be in the US: next year's Olympics. Bode will be pushed as the "big story" going into the games. If he does well, he'll be middle-sized long-term celebrity.
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Oh boy, more Bode on the Bus. Exactly what I want to watch instead of actual racing.

Actually, I think he assured himself that attention at the last Olympics when he suprised everyone with his performance and on-course antics.
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Which makes me wonder: will Jake Serino become the new century's Kato Kaylin?
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Originally Posted by DangerousBrian
PS Are you trying to say Austria is an insular, xenophobic country with a historic weakness for facism?
Of course I am. Are you suggesting it isn't?!
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A few athletes nobody in the US has ever heard of because they weren't* American:

Steffi Graf
Martina Navratilova
Gary Player
Annika Sorenstam
Boris Becker
Ivan Lendl
Rod Laver
Jean Claude Killy
Olga Korbut
Nadia Comaneci
Eddie Edwards
Arnold Schwarzenegger

*Some of them turned into Americans later, but that was up to them.
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Will not make much difference, we had about 2x3' spot in the sports sectionon the third page. Some sports are hard to be spectator sports like skiing and cycling. Also betting makes helps the NFL, when was the last office pool on ski racing??
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Phil and Steve Mahre made for a better story, and it's not like they were able to change the American culture. Let's face it. This country is too big and has too many warm beaches for people to lay around on.

How about NASCAR! Now there's a sport! (for the beer drinking, nacho eating, tv watching Americans).:
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Originally Posted by OldSchool
Of course I am. Are you suggesting it isn't?!
Your statement is incorrect, your blinkered ignorance is showing. You bring issues into skiing threads that don't belong there, trolling threads for attention. If you disagree bring it to the Epic supporters Lounge, the place for discussion on non-skiing related subjects or STFU.
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stay cool because of Austria.
If I were younger I would probably also chose it the place I live.
In fact, I´m still considering it, at least "part-time".
As it is I ski much more in Austria than at home although my nearest home mountains are about 100 km and the Alps 500-600.
I have always felt good there.
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