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Volkl karma

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Hey, i'm looking at the Volkl Karmas for my next set of skis i need a good allrounder solid backcountry and on-piste performance, how do the karmas rate?
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The Karmas are pretty much the best allaround skiing twin out there. Freeskier magazine also backed it up as the best of the best.
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I had a chance to ski the Karma, Head Monster 75, Rossi B3, and Head XRC 1100 SW all in the same day at Alta, this past January. Conditions were mostly packed and chopped up powder. The Karma was stable in loose snow, fairly quick for a wider ski, good in soft bumps (atleast in the shortest length), and a surprisingly good carver. In fact, the only ski that I liked better was the XRC 1100- which I now own. However , the season isn't over yet, and I may still try to justify yet another purchase.
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thanks i rekon i'll have to give them a shot this season
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P.S. I forgot to mention the only downside to the Karma that I noticed- they seemed rather heavy when held in my hands. The extra weight wasn't noticed at all when skiing them, however.
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