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What's The Perfect Skier's Breakfast? - Page 3

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Donuts and coffee
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Originally Posted by wbroun
Man, I'm jealous. You can't find black pudding in the States anywhere. But Latch, the sausage here at the best places is nowhere near as beautiful as what you get in Blighty at the cheapest "caff" in Hackney. It's absolutely disgusting here. Same with the bread. I was able to buy some HP sauce the other day at the supermarket here, cost an arm and leg, but you do what you can to survive, don't you?
You guys just aren't shopping at the right stores! I used to live in the Woodlawn section of The Bronx (back when I first came to the US), and you can find everything Irish/English along the two main shopping streets there. You can definitely get black (or white) pudding, and all other meat (by)products.

I also used to visit the Shoprite in Pearl River, NY, just across the state line from NJ, and they had a couple of aisles of Irish/British goods. You could even get Easter Eggs there. I must admit I went mainly for real chocolate, as opposed to imitation Cadbury/Hershey crap.

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Eggs bacon sausage homefries and a bowl that toasts on the way to the slopes after breakfast
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A pint or quart of 2% MoooCow. Triple shot latte with lots of raw sugar. I'm good till around 11:30

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On those rare days when my stomach actually wakes up in the morning, or when I know I will need the calories, I like some hot poridge, with brown sugar and milk, a bacon and egg-yolk sandwich with pepper and butter is also a favourite.
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