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Squaw Valley ?

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My wife and I will be skiing in California (landing in SF) for the 2nd week of april. It will be our first time there.
We haven't booked any hotel so far and we were wondering where to ski and stay (two good skiers/ski coachs).
We are looking for a nice hotel since this vacation is also for rest and relaxation (it is the end of our busy season).
I would also appreciate any suggestions for places to eat and drink.
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Stay at Squaw Valley Lodge if you're staying at Squaw and if you're not then stay in Reno and enjoy all it has to offer. The food at the Italian place (name) at Harrah's in Reno was outstanding. The on mountain food at Squaw is probably the worst (and most expensive) I've ever had, but the mountain is FABULOUS! You can have a great SUITE at the Reno casinos for very little or stay at one of the Ski Areas for more, but It all depends on what you're looking for
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I would second the Squaw Valley Lodge. A group of friends and I just stayed there on Feb 26-Mar 6. We had a great time and used it as a base to hit Squaw, Alpine and Kirkwood. Conditions are great at Squaw right now and the slopeside lodge was great at the end of the day with two large outdoor hot tubs. The Tram and Gondola run over the lodge and provide a nice back drop while enjoying the hot tubs.
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Thanks for the link. It seems like a good choice. the pictures are very nice.
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i would also explore "Plumpjack Inn" and "Resort at squaw creek"
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WOW! the Plumpjack inn is really nice! too nice maybe... I will call and ask for room prices.
Also, how long is the drive from San Francisco to Squaw?
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Just returned from Squaw yesterday...we enjoyed dining at Plumpjack and Balboa Cafe in the base area. The food on the mountain was average so we skied down to the Resort at Squaw Creek for lunch one day. Glad we did it...
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can't say much about the food but the mountain is absolutely fantastic. I'm very bitter that we spent only one day there.
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Didn't see an answer yet to your drive time question. I'm sure it'll vary with traffic and time of day -- took me about 3 1/4 hrs from San Francisco to Squaw on a Friday 2 wks ago, left at 10:15 a.m. (from civic center area) with one stop for gas and food.
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The tough part about the drive time is getting through both the SF area and Sacramento without hitting too much traffic. 3 to 4 hours depending on the time of day, try to avoid hitting either city during rush hour.
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Last year we drove(to Reno) in 3 to 4 hours in good weather, leaving San Francisco airport area at about 8.30 and with one stop. As was said any traffic is at San Francisco and Sacramento, apart from that no real problem.
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Et bien, finally we booked the plumpjack inn. The price was OK for squaw I guess... and the picture were too nice
Thanks for the infos on driving time.
So we have 2 days in SF (Giants game maybe) and 7 days skiing at squaw.
Cant wait to get there.
thanks again.
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if you decide 7 days at Squaw is too much can I suggest Alpine Meadows (which is basically next door and should be no more than a 10 min drive), Sugar Bowl or Mount Rose as other options. The latter two should be no more than a 20-30 minute drive. Further away would be Heavenly (nice drive round the Lake but I dont like South Lake Tahoe nor was I greatly taken with Heavenly- skiing was fine but a lot more crowded than anywhere else we tried). You will find a lot of people telling you to go to Kirkwood- which I cant comment on as I have never been. It is a longer drive than any of the others mentioned
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Reno vs SFO

If you're flying in, Reno's airport is *far* closer than SFO, about an hour's drive, w/o the city traffic to contend with. Squaw also has a VERY cheap shuttle from Reno airport if you're going directly to Squaw.
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We always leave our home at 5:30am or so on Sat., driving to Squaw is about 3 and half hours. Once you get there you may have to wait to get into the parking lot, that is a variable. If you drive during the evening rush hour, it might take as much as 6-7 hours because of the traffic. Or at one time we could not even get there since 80 was closed. Its better to fly into Reno and from there is about an hour.
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Kirkwood is a great resort. It has nice steep runs and lovely natural half pipes. It is very scenic too. I recommend you give it a try.

Alpine Meadows is very nice too, but I never felt like skiing there for more than one day.

Heavenly is very scenic, but you may spend too much time traversing from one side of the mountain to the other. Most of the runs are too mild for me.

To my taste, Squaw Valley is a great resort. It has very nice layout and lots of terrain for all types of skiers. It is good to know that it has lots of great expert terrain.

I've never skied Sugar Bowl or Mt. Rose.

In what crowds are concerned, to my experience Squaw Valley and Heavenly tend to gather most crowds, but please note that I ski only occasionally at Lake Tahoe.

My 2 cents' eugen
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Lift lines at Squaw? I was the only one on the Silverado chair the whole trip, hardly any one on the Broken Arrow chair also.. Come on.. No guts no glory...
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I would not recommend staying in Reno if you want to ski Squaw.

At Squaw Village food is very good and the sushi restaurant is outstanding!

You are also only 5-10 minutes from Alpine Meadows, 20 minutes to Homewood, etc, etc. Search this forum.
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