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Demo Bindings?

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I've been shopping some demo fleet skis...most have already mounted 'demo' bindings, I'm a bit of a ski-tech innocent---is there any performance differences between demo bindings and 'fixed' bindings? If so, is it a reason to avoid purchasing demo skis??
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In general, demo bindings have more moving parts (so, may have more things to break) and are heavier. They may also be "taller" as a result of the demo track. I have seen some threads on EpicSki that have suggested that there are specific weak points of some demo bindings, but I don't have the insight into the specifics (a search may help you find those threads).
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Demo bindings are a bit heavier, but the difference is minor except when carrying the skis to the hill. If you think about it, adding weight right at your foot does not alter the swing weight of the ski very much. I suppose it could cause you to becme tired if you were hop turning or doing bumps for an extendded period.

Demo bindings have an upside though: you can move the position of the binding (and hence your boot) on the ski to try different set-ups, and the skis are very easy to loan to others.

Make sure a demo binding is tested and in good shape before purchasing. Like skis, they can be beat on more than you might anticipate.
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In my opinion: the worst thing about demo bindings is they're attached to demo skis.

A more helpful note: search the forum. If I recall correctly, there were some posts that mention particular brands of demo bindings.
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Another thing to consider is that Demo bindings may make a ski less flexible depending on the setup.
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with all that extra "plumbing" under a demo biding..you are less connected to the ski.
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I have 2 pair of demo skis in my quiver right now (rossi bode one w/axial power 100 bindings; rossi B2 w/ftx 120 bindings). Both pair feel a bit heavier than usual, but neither pair seems to be affected by the weight once on the snow. The bodes seem to hold onto the hardpack/ icy conditions better because of the extra weight. I originally had the same weight/durability concerns that you do. I took the bodes to my local ski shop and asked if they recomended switching the bindings because of the weight/durability concerns. Believe it or not, the shop guy told me to save my money, because there wouldn't be any reason to switch the bindings! I saved some dough and the ski shop got a priceless amount of glowing publicity!......

I concur with all of the previous comments about inspecting; safety checking and properly adjusting any ski bindings...and I would CAREFULLY examine any demo/rental ski before buying....slightly used skis, this time of year can be an awesome bargain....heavily used/abused skis are worthless
I also regard the easy adjustability of demo bindings to be an advantage....but we are all different...it is great to have a fresh new pair of skis, but my skis get a lot of use and don't stay pristine for very long...I take good care of my equipment, so that my stuff is functionally solid... the "used" label doesn't bother me much at all
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Heavier skis/bindings actually have some advantages over a lighter pair - they deflect less in crud, for one.
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Because they are adjustable, demo bindings can have a lot of "slop". I had a pair once, and they were always ejecting on me when I least expected it. Always check to make sure everyhting's tightened down, because you don't want them to suddenly "adjust" while you're making a crucial turn.
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In the case of Atomic bindings, the Demo bindings are very different. They allow for really quick adjustment to fit different size boots. The toe piece and heel piece move in and out in sync to fit a variety of boot sizes. Their performance and race bindings actually slide fore and aft on the ski, allowing for different characteristics at different settings. The Atomic Demo bindings are not necessarily heavier than their race bindings.

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One pair of skis in my quiver (Dynastar Speed SX63's @178 cm) have a Marker demo binding on them . I've skied them very hard /fast over the last 3 yrs and have had NO difficulty with them @ all . They are now my rock skis--but are a super fun ride!!

I've never had a pre-release or any slippage either
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Buying New Demo Bindings

I like the idea of adjustable bindings. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy new demo bindings? What is a better demo binding?
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Originally Posted by froto25
I like the idea of adjustable bindings. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy new demo bindings? What is a better demo binding?
I believe Atomic skis come pre-drilled for Atomic bindings. Because you can't move the screw holes, regular (non-demo) Atomic bindings must have fore/aft adjustability built into the heel binding. OK, this is what wristshot said. From his post, it sounds like the toe can be moved too. I have Atomic fun zone 123cm with bindings similar to the demo binding he decribes, the toe and heel move together to keep boot centered regardless of size, very easy to adjust for different boots. It is much better to be able to move toe and heel independently like with regular performance Atomic binding. It will be a little more time consuming to change for different boots but you also can change where you are on the ski for different conditions or to experiment with fore/aft position, dial in the position that works best for you.
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When buying skis for my kids (11 and 14) I insisted that they were set up with demo bindings.

As their feet grow (fast....don't get me started on how often I hear "I need new shoes Dad"), their need for new skis can outlast their foot growth.
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