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sunglass tint

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has anyone have experience with blue mirrored or gold mirrored sunglasses while skiing?? they are polarized but i didn't know if one of the tints would be anymore advantageous...
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I've never skied in blue, but I have a pair of Oakley Straightjackets with the gold/orange lenses and they're awesome. The combination of tint and ploarization is just right. I can ski in them and be comfortable with my vision level from morning till evening. They have great contrast in low light and they don't distort my vision anything like fake oakleys or gereric wraparounds. They're also EXTREMELY strong. I slid into some stupid kid who was sitting smack in the middle of the fall line. The arms popped off my sunglasses, I got a bloody nose and bruises around my eyes from the faceplate of the glasses pressing against my face, but they survived in perfect shape. I just popped the arms back into their sockets and went on my way. Best $170 I ever spent.

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I like my new Oakley Half-Jackets. I love them because I can change the lenses to fit the conditions I am in. They really keep things simple and I only need one pair of shades for lots of different activities. Oakley has been working on sports specific lenses for a while now. They have some that are specific for golf. I have the fire lenses and G30 lenses along with the slates. I like all three lenses but the G30 seem to really take the glare off when the sun is up. They also give good contrast when the light is low also. I plan to get the yellow lenses for evening and low light conditions also. I have not tried blue or gold yet. I am not crazy about mirrored lenses unless it is really bright out but I think blue would be good on the snow.

Smith also makes interchangeable sun glasses. I have a pair of VooDoo Slider Series shades. They have interchangable lenses and I like them almost as well my Oakley shades.

What ever you get, make sure you like the way the entire frame fits. That makes a big difference to me. Don't get anything that distorts your vision.

Good Luck on your purchase!

Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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I do not think that all of the tints actually change anything that you are seeing- some are multicoats on the lenses that (according to the manufacturer) do not alter the color balance. Look into the lens of a high quality camera- you will also see colored coatings reflecting back at you. I use a pair of Julbo high altitude glacier glasses that have an iridescent gold-orange coating. I find them excellent for all but very flat low light conditions (they are probably just too dark under those conditions, as they filter out about 95% of visible light)
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I have a pair of Oakly's with a blue tint and they suit me just fine. I've never used the orange tint however am completely satisfied witht the blue and it is very accurate in perseption and very comfortable to wear.
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