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I´m not Freddy Nyberg!

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At the beginning of the week with World Cup finals I have skied (also) on a run where Freddy Nyberg of Sweden was training (at Fendels in Tirol, Austria).
A very steep slope and amazing turns. I inspected the tracks when he finished training but before they removed tha gates. Great study material!

I only did not have the courage to ask him if I could ski a few runs with him in his GS .

Nevertherless, there is a nice story including both Freddy and myself.
An older local asked if he could go up on a chair with me and started a conversation. First about the skis, the wetter and snow, then if I go to Lenzerheide ("No," I told him correctly) and finally wondering why not because I had a good season. At this point I had to tell him he thinks I´m someone that I´m not and he was surprised to learn that I´M REALLY NOT FREDDY NYBERG!!!

Yeah, the man must have been a bit weird. Well, Fischers are Fischers (though I had my super-Gs 209 cm) but I´m almost 20 year older than Freddy and just looking at the faces should tell him something.
Otoh, it´s his problem, not mine. He said what he said (and, obviously, thought) and I´m only reporting.

There´s one last thing spoiling my joy.
The story would be triumphant if the guy thought I was Freddy Nyberg after he saw me skiing.
Unfortunately, he did when we met at the chairlift.

Do I have to be honest enough to include the previous piece of info?
On some next occasion I may just "forget" to add it.

Almost a pity I have my "checkracer" nick already.
I wouldn´t object to Freddy - "because people (usually) think I´m Nyberg"...

Btw, wasn´t there a thread about the fake Jean-Claude Killy?
And how about my post on not impressing others?
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Congrats Freddy
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