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RX8 in Moguls

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How good is the RX 8 in Moguls compared to other more specific moguls ski.

What are the Moguls specific ski.

I want to look for a good compliment to the RX8 to be use in moguls. Perhaps sometime in park.

I won't be using it in the groomed slope, so the carving performance is not the issue, i'll use the RX8 for that

What make a good moguls ski?

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Use the search option and you will find a ton of recent and relevant information on this.

Obviously a dedicated mogul ski is better suited for the bumps then a slalom sidecut ski such as the RX8. Also skis with metal in them may bend and stay that way when you hit a nasty bump. A good skier can ski anything anywhere but the Fischer is not really built for bumps.

A mogul specific ski is usually softer, skied a tad longer then a carving ski, and has a larger turn radius so it can be pivoted through bumps without getting hung up.

A twin tip ski is a good all around bump, park, soft snow, and tree ski.

A soft twin would be something like a Salomon 1080 where as a stiffer twin tip would be something like a K2 Public Enemy, anything from Line, or the Head Mad Trix.

Mogul specifc skis are not great all mountain skis.

I own a Salomon 1080 in a 171 length but have demoed the Public Enemies and also enjoyed them.

Try to demo if you can.
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spongebob, I think the RX8s are great in moguls, but I don't zipperline yoyo Mary Jane all day every day. The real question is, "What are you looking for in a mogul ski?" There are so many different ways to ski moguls that different skis can either compliment or hinder your preferred approach.

So, how and where do you ski moguls? What are you looking for in your mogul skis? Do you want them to be suitable for other parts of the mountain? Which parts? How will you split your times between moguls and other terrain?
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I'm looking to take some lesson and be very efficient in moguls. I want to be able to do anything on it.

I ski moguls mostly in Ontario, Canada.

I would like to use it in the park also, don't care about groomed slope, as i have will use the RX8 for that.

I want to ski 30-40% moguls, 20% park, 50% groomed.
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