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Tele Daddy or Sugar Daddy for AT?

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I'm interested in getting a pair of skis for skinning into the backcountry.

Since the skis will have AT bindings, fixed for descents, would I be better off with the Atomic Tele Daddy or Sugar Daddy for this purpose.

If I were buying a strictly alpine downhill ski, I'd chose the Sugar Daddy over the Big Daddy (too stiff).

However, I'm not sure where the Tele Daddy fits into the scheme of things. Ebay has a set of 183's with Fritishi Diamir bindings for $200.

I'm partial to Atomics because I like the Atomic edge-hold and torsional strength in sketchy conditions.

P.S. Will my Alpine Lange 120 Comps be okay for AT (at least at the start), or should I purchase AT specific boots?

Thanks for any input you can provide!
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I think I would go for them for 200, if I Alpine toured. They probably have a little less stiffness throughout than the sugar daddy. I tour on Atomic 10ex's and they are a great touring ski.
Do they come with skins? If they don't your gonna want to get skins that will cover the full width of the ski. That will probably set you back close to 200.

I tour with a lot of people on AT gear, It seems like everyone starts out in alpine boots but soon switches to AT boots. Their just so much lighter and easier to walk in.
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Fernie: Thanks for the input. I never imagined skins would cost $200 (what do I know?).

I can see the attraction of AT boots. Alpine boots aren't designed for much but clicking in.

The Ebay bid just went up, and it may hit $400, plus skins, plus AT boots, for something I was mostly interested in just trying (and I wanted to buy 2 sea kayaks this spring?).

I may see if I can rent some AT gear at Mt. Baker next season (if they have snow, this time), and join some AT and tele BC groups. If it works for me, I'll gear-up totally and do it right.

Thanks again, Fernie, for the useful input!
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I'm a little out to lunch on the price of skins. I was talking CDN $ BD Ascention skins go for about $170cdn. Which is close to 200 bones for me living in B.C. after taxes are all done. Probably they wouldn't be $200usd.

Renting some gear would be a good option to see if you get into it...you'll probably love it... ski touring is like a drug for me

PS: Think about doing an avy coarse or at least travel with bc savy people. Have fun but be safe out there
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I have a pair of Teledaddy's with Fritschi's in the garage right now which belong to a friend sponsored by Atomic. They are nice and light for their massive size. I 've been waiting for powder to try them but as you know we don't have a lot of that around here. I got out on them for a run and found they were great in the uncut, bucked a bit in the cut up, and sucked on the packed. My friend likes them quite well. He also just got a pair of next years Kongur, a ski with an 80 mm waist which may be a replacement to the TM22, though they are considerably wider. Initial report is they suck outside of the powder too.

The TM 22 is a pretty nice all round ski and I used them in powder last year and liked them a lot. They work for spring corn as well, which is a major use of AT Gear.

I'll see if he wants to sell the daddy's now that he has the Kongurs.
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Newfydog: Thanks for checking. If the price is light, I could go for it.

I haven't done AT yet, so I'm not ready to throw down big $$. However, if I can find an attractive package, it could be enticing.

I envy you living in Bend. Verry cool town. Bachelor's a great hill - best snow in PNW IMHO, and great terrain. Just a bit rough weatherwise in Jan and Feb (for real men).
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Those ski boots are stiff. They'll be ok for quicky daytrips. I've done 5 day tours with old big boots but its a pain in the ass getting into them in the morning when the plastic gets stiff in cold. Daytrips -who cares really.

Those skis are also big - both teledaddys and sugardaddys. It kinda depends on how fit you are. Big skis can be decent for fit strong climbers but a handful on tight kick turns and long fast ascents

How much do you weigh? You planning on baker and local b/c?

hey fernie! BD ascension skins 2nds are being cleared out on ebay for about usd 80 bux per pop. I picked up some as spares. Beats even MEC prices
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Well I got to ski the teledaddy's in some real powder and was impressed. They turn real easily and the massive float keeps you moving accross the flats. They definately make it less work and the don't wipe out all the up down powder feeling. There are some on ebay at good prices. I picked up a pair of 163's for my wife for $209. I found those by searching "tele daddy" as opposed to "teledaddy". I had the only bid.

14 inches yesterday and 18 more today. Heading back up to climb the cone before the lifts open.
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Captain, I have the same Langes as you and use them for AT. They work just fine, but I only do short day tours at the moment (bought my set-up at the beginning of this season). As others have mentioned, if (I should probably say "when") we get more seriously into touring, I'll probably get a pair of AT boots.

Skins will cost you about $170 in the US too.

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