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rain in Banff ?? Lake Louise??

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Was anyone here there yesterday,, just wondering if lake louise got snow or rain??? what about sunshine,, looks like snow,, but who knows?? anyone with any info?? i'm probably going tomorrow rain or shine,, but any info would be helpful?? thx
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Didn't rain at Sunshine when I was there yesterday , left at 3pm. They got 2 in. snow overnight.
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Snow on the ground in Banff this morning. Not much but snow nonetheless.
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Lake Louise was better skiing than I thought it would be. Windblown in all over the back. Not tons but lots of sweet little spots.
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sunshine got 4cm according to the website, but it surely was less than that. high winds and lots of windblown snow though. there were flurries throughout the day and sunny past 2pm. temperatures didn't get above zero. however much snow it got it definitely improved the conditions there from when i saw them last on thursday. only the heavily windswept areas on standish and the top of the continental divide were icy.

the ski-out was open, but had icy patches.
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Which is better right now? Kicking Horse or Lake Louise? We have a trip planned next week to KH and were thinking maybe we should divert to LL/Banff??
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Banff Weather for the next 15 days....

click on details... for snow ammounts

this is not the Sunshine village weather either I have found them to be pretty reliable
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I was at lake louise yesterday and it was pretty sweet. Felt kind of icy sometimes, but nothing that would stop me from having fun. I was also at Sunshine today, they had better snow and it was all really good overall, though I like the runs at Louise more. It also rained in Banff today when I left for sunshine, but it was only raining in Banff.

Never been to kicking horse so I can't say whether you should go there or louise. All I can say is that I thought it was pretty nice yesterday at louise.
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At was at KH last weekend and the Lake the last 2 days. I'd take the Lake by a long shot but that's normal for me in most cases. No rain in Banff when I left just snow and I spent a chunk of time chatting in the coffee shop before I hit the highway. Good snow at the Lake up top over the back but real hard down low and on the front.
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