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Help: In Big Trouble

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Dragging the family from Australia to Whistler at the end of March (including a 4 and 7 year old. Looks like a disaster and can't cancel the trip to Vancouver. Would i be better off eating the loss and flying on to Banff? How is it there?
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one word SUGARLOAF(2600 vert including above treeline snowfields) additional words, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine...final words...powdah, packed powdah 100% terrain open...nuff said, re book your trip to Logan airport mate/ we love Aussies and Kiwis....out
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The end of Mar. will often be some of the best skiing around Banff , as it stands right now we should be ok right through April and into May at Sunshine .
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help the aussie please

Originally Posted by Leeroy
The end of Mar. will often be some of the best skiing around Banff , as it stands right now we should be ok right through April and into May at Sunshine .
yep good point, by the end of march in NE you might need CCM tacks instead of volkl's things change quick here amazing today and this w/e future???....my pers current dream trip is lake louise too...guess you better stay on the www and keep an eye on www.weather.com..... another thread recently discussed other ways on the www to track storm predictions in the usa....herb stevens web sites were mentioned (I gotta run to the slopes, no time to search right now) ....maybe a few more seasoned bears can assist our newbie aussie friend with his frenzy by providing more useful info...
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Nat: Is your Whistler lodging non-refundable? If it's just the airfare, don't throw good money after bad. Bypass Whistler this year. By all acccounts, Banff and Lake Louise are in good shape.

At Whistler, you can still find snow up top, but you'll have to work to convince yourself you did the right thing. I live a few hours from Whistler, and 3 people I know who were there recently summarized conditions as: "lots of rocks, watch out, more rocks, and, ouch, I hit another rock".

You can get also get cheap flights on Southest airlines out of Seattle to Reno (Tahoe) for $59 per person, each way. Tahoe probably has the best snow in NA right now.
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The Banff/Lake Louise suggestion is a good one. You will also be within striking distance for a day trip by shuttle to Kicking Horse, which when I skied it last week had very good to excellent conditions.
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If you're going to come all the way from Australia then you should switch to an area with the best conditions. Right now that happens to be the Sierras. They have enough snow to last until July. By the way, never plan a trip to Whistler in late March.
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Up at the Lake today. Didn't have high hopes and enthusiasm was low with the first truly grey day in weeks. Had a great day though. A little bit of new snow with good windloading on the back. Lots of fun skiing. The important thing is the weather seems to have finally turned and I think we'll get a spell of real winter again finally.

The skiing is still solid although not stellar but winter will be back and late March is generally about the best snow of the year as others have mentioned.
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sunshine today was pretty good if you don't count the high winds from the north. ankle-deep snow could easily be found even after 12 o'clock.

even the goat's eye, which was badly beaten by the sun the past week, had very good (cruddy) conditions.

some double diamonds on the goat's and the divide were closed -- the snow wasn't that much.
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We were suppose to have been in Whistler last week for our kids' (7 and 9) spring break. We cancelled due to the poor snow conditions, and only lost 1 night deposit on lodging and the change fee for airline tickets. We had been to Whistler late in the season previously, and have experienced a muddy bottom 1/3 of the mountain. Never again...

We went to Tahoe instead and had a great trip. Great snow, beautiful scenery. We skied Squaw, Heavenly, Alpine, Kirkwood, and Sierra. Kids loved it, and were disappointed we didn't have time to ski the other 10 ski resorts in the area.
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That's great. Glad things worked out.
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Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe. Fly Vancouver to Reno, and enjoy all the snow that usually falls in the Pacific NW. The N. Calif. Sierras have had more snow than in the past 90 years. A far better bet than going to Banff this year.
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Originally Posted by cjb
...Right now that happens to be the Sierras....
I don't know... but this place seems to be pretty good too


At least it was last I checked.
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