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Tuning/Wax Question?

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Could somebody give me some suggestions for a good video on Tuning Skiis? And suggestions for good tuning equipment - what do I really need for the basics........
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You might do a search here. Swix has a "Tuning University" on their web site, and there have been nice step-by-step photo versions posted here, too.
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1. A good set of ski vises to make life easier. I tried to "jury rig" my own and they worked (with a bit of agony), but the Holmenkol or similar Swix are a joy.

2. Files and guide .... again good quality as above. The $19 ski shop specials were a waste of money.

3. Iron. OK, here you can skimp and save a few bucks. I have used an old steam iron (with holes) for a few years with no problems. Some recommend alu foil over the holes but I never found a problem. Low temp settings enough to get the wax melted and smoothed ..... you are not cooking the wax in for god sake. Put the initial $$ into the vise and file stuff and get the better iron later.

4. I you have a dedicated work bench that you don't mind getting littered with wax scrapings that may do for mounting the vises. I made my own from plastic adjustable saw horses and lumber. By the time I got done with the bolts and all ...... well, I should have just bought the bench offered from Holmenkol ..... saved a whole $20.

5. Scrapers (plastic windshield), from K-Mart will do and some Scotch Brite pads for post wax finishing. Get good quality brushes later.
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Tognar has lots of tuning tips.
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Wealth of information

Here is a great web site - just click on the links and read.

Surf this web site - your questions will be answered .
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