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Alpine Meadows or Sugar Bowl

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...for an intermediate skier.

Will be skiing with my cousin at one or the other on a Friday, end of this month. He's mid-range intermediate whose best and most enjoyable skiing is done on blues where he can open it up a little. Add some steepness and he starts living in the backseat and sliding every turn. In short, he needs some cruisers where he's just rolling the ankles and keeping his hands up. One or the other of these hills "better" in this regard or is it pretty much a wash? If so, how will crowds compare?

Re: other nearby hills, we hit Heavenly each time up, thus the change in venue this year. And, as it's his home (away from home) hill, we'll get to Sierra@Tahoe that Saturday.

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Both have a lot of intermediate terrain. Alpine is a little more spread out and cheaper.
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"Cheaper" will prick up his ears. Thanks.

Also, consider this your cue to pick up your world champion red sox red sox red sox burger, fries and beer. otherwise, getcha to mammoth in may.
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Sorry...looks I'll be in Texass next week.
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sierra@tahoe, friday 3/25
alpine (?) saturday the 26th.
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