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summer race camps

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http://www.skiracing.com/academies/ has 20-odd summer race camps, most of which take place at Mt. Hood.

Any experience or recommendations regarding a summer race camp? This would be for a decidedly NON-elite girl who just races with her HS for fun.

Any thoughts on how this years' lack of snow will affect these camps?
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There is a thread on this subject in the "ski technique and instruction forum". If you use the seach feature you should be able to locate it.
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those threads were kinda thin on actual experience, and the the suggestions they contained to go to Portillo is a non-starter, so any specific info would be great.
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Here are some options

I've spent the past 8 summers coaching and working on Mt Hood. Here are a few thoughts for you that might be helpful. The first is to go as early in the summer as possible this year, no later than mid July and the snowpack should be ok. June would be best if it works with your daughter's school schedule. I've worked quite a bit with two commercial race camps that in my opinion do a great job with all levels of skiers and racers. The Timberline Summer Race Camp and Mt Hood Summer Ski Camp are both good options. The Timberline camp is a little smaller, max of about 40 campers a session and Mt Hood Summer Ski is much larger with 80 to 200 campers a session. Depending on your daughter's personality either would be a great choice. Sarah Richardson at Timberline and John Rust at Mt Hood Summer Ski will do a great job of answering more specific questions you might have and their contact info should be listed in the Ski Racing directory you mentioned. I hope this helps. Ben
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