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Vail 3rd -8th

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I'm out with my 15 year old daughter to ski with my sister for the week. An almost annual event.

Can't beat thos lift ticket prices!

Any Bears?

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If you mean April/Summit County & Vail---YEAH by all means.

I have plans to meet quite a few Bears and Ski Instructors in that time frame.

Look for my post around the end of the month. I'll be posting a ski and social schedule.......and everybody is welcome !

I hope you are not paying more than $ 19.00 a day......If you are PM me----

By the way, a bunch are former MT. Snow folks ! See you there!
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Cal- I'll look forward to seeing you again! Do you still have my number? If not, PM me, and we'll try to get together.
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Cal, if I can get around by then, I'd love to see you again!
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My bad for not following the thread

Lisa, Ric, and Unc. Louie

Please excuse me for not following the posts more closely

All things work out in real time, Plans for skiing can go the strangest of ways. Heck, If it snows, I can't see much beyond my ski tips!

Ric, I Think I still have the scrap of paper with your #. I'll double check.


U.L. 6 days $100 bucks, That deal is hard to pass on!
They even reloaded my old Peaks card! this could get habit forming ;-)

See you then, for some of the finest spring skiing known.

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Originally Posted by Cgrandy
That deal is hard to pass on!
this could get habit forming ;-)
Trust me......I am the poster child on this deal !
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CalG and Uncle Louie-
I'm off on the 6th- where were you going to meet up with everyone? (I assume you are still skiing Vail that day, as per UL's list?)
Drop response here- PM is turned off...
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I'll be at Vail tomorrow- where will people be meeting?
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Check out UL's list on the other thread- "Let's Go Colorado"

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Greetings from Colorado !

Ric--If Cal hasn't got up with you, I believe we are all a go for Vail as noted in the schedule. Meeting by the lockers, downstairs at Golden Peak @ 9AM. Major response for that day, quite a few may be out---and I'm sure all will be glad you have the day off !
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