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Too Much Sidecut

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I'm getting the feeling that some of the new ski designs are getting too extreme in terms of sidecut. I've got four sets of skiis, HeadXP100,Fischer Big Stix 84, Atomic REX, and Volkl Gotamas. My straightest skiis,the REX, is the one I ski the most. The Head's are fun on hard groomed but are not fun on really steep soft or hard snow. The Heads will only carve because of their extreme sidecut.I've noticed that many of the new Atomic's are going the route of the Heads. I do ski mostly off-piste so maybe my requirements are different, but that much sidecut in a mid-fat ski for crud? Ijust don't know if I can buy onto that idea . Anybody else feel that way?
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FWIW, I don't feel that way. I'm skiing my Metron:b5s more and more, and finding them to be a tremendous ride for all over the mountain. Interestingly, if I don't get up on them and ride the rail, they are very happy to arc longer turns, float from turn to turn in powder and crud, etc.
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Check out Dynastar Legend Pros, I think the turn radius is 35-38m or something? 122 tip 97 waist or so.
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