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ski for college kid

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I have an 18 yr old boy who is going away to college next yr. Want to buy him a pair of skis. He is an expert skier, but does not ski that much. He will be going to school in the northeast. Want to buy him a good all around ski, but it doesn't have to be the best, since they may get stolen in college, and he does not ski that much. Could also buy a pair of used demo's. Any thoughts.
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Some kind of mid-fats or all-mtn. twins ought to be easy to find. The K2 Public Enemy is about the best all-mtn. twin for the money. Something like a Volkl AX3/G3 (older versions of the 724 series) are floeating around on eBay for < $300. Those would be great EC sticks for a skilled but occassional skier.
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Nordica SUV 12. They are tough enough for the New England ice, wide enough to ski off-piste and unbelievably stable. They have a big sweet spot meaning he doesn't have to have his weight perfectly on the ski to initiate a turn.
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Remembering back to when I went to a Northeast school - and didn't ski that much...I think the above suggestions are VERY well inentioned but maybe a bit too much for his needs (especially with the other poor college kids that would love a new pair of Public Enemies - had my old K2 KVC's stolen on campus back in the day - plus it was too much ski for me)...

Check these guys out...
$79 - http://www.evogear.com/productdetail.asp?pn=978
$99 - http://www.evogear.com/productdetail.asp?pn=927

If he really wants to try tricks and ski backwards and fit in with the jibbers - then maybe look at some twin-tips....just try to find a good deal online....I would hate for you to spend $400 or $500 on a nice ski only to have it disappear!!
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