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Loveland Suggestions?

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Heading to Loveland--my first time there--for a day with family who know the mountain and ski about 3 levels above me so I'm prepared to ski alone. Any recommendations for instructors for either group or a private lesson? Suggestions for nice blue cruisin' runs? Danke!
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Try the two-mile long green level trail combination of Fire Bowl, Turtle Creek and Tango Road from the 12,000’ plus heights of chair 2. Very easy, very scenic.
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Lifts 4 and 8 have nice wide open blues. Unloading off lift 2, head left down Bennet's Bowl. Lift 6 has some nice (albeit short) blues. One of my favorites is Richard's Run off lift 1. I felt some of the steeper blues were Perfect Bowl/Scrub (off 4), Spillway/Nix-Nox (off 1), and Fire Cut (off 2).
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Wow, thanks for the great suggestions! I like James' idea for a nice warm up run and then Faisasy, I'll work my way up to those nice blues!
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SugarCube- I won,t recommend myself, that would be passe. I would say either Harry Covington or Tammi Sjeden. I would agree with the advice so far on run selection. I might add that if you are going to ride lift 2, get on at mid station, not at the bottom. It can be a long ride. From the base area start off on lift 1 to Catwalk-Mombo-Midstation 2.
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Thanks, tief! Looking forward to trying this new terrain and maybe meeting another Bear!
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When will you be here? Unfortunately, I can't ski with you, but I only live about 20 minutes from Loveland, so we can hook up for Apres, if you have time. Maybe a class reunion?
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I'll be at Loveland (with the expert fam-ack!) either the Saturday or Sunday after Easter. I'll be in Summit probably the following Wed-Fri/Sat--depending on how long my Visa card can stand me!

Hope you're feeling spunkier and I'll be rootin' for you this week!
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